Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nung Bata Ako, Gusto Ko Maging...



That was what I wrote in my kindergarten yearbook. I think because I was fascinated with airplanes and the ability to fly. Well, I think the fascination still remains but now, I think I WANT a pilot instead. bwahah especially someone like this...


ANYWAY. What I really wanted to share was something about the ADMU-NU Game last Saturday. ANLAYOOOOOO!

I met up with some dorm friends I haven't seen for quite some time, Mark Eds, Peps and Grace, to watch the game at Araneta. Yeah we won, which is not really that interesting. But in front of us was a little boy about 5-years old

Sorry, I forgot to get his name. And I was afraid baka akalain pedo ako

I though he was just a normal Eman Monfort fan who decided to tag along with mommy and daddy. But no, looks like he was up to watch and follow his idols, the Blue Babble Batallion! Watch this...

O diba? I did not get to finish the whole routine because I had no more free space on my phone. WALEY!

Anyway, that game was kinda weird. I know that Ateneo has a huge fan base but I did not expect to see something like this.

Here's the Ateneo Crowd

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coliseum


Oh well, going back to dreams, pangarap ko rin pala mapicturan sa isang game. I think it was fulfilled. Kinda.

Spot me coz I'm singit sa eksena like that.

On other news, I went to attend the First Death Anniversary of Cory Aquino today at La Salle Greenhills.

But feel ko nabugbog ako so I guess I'll just blog about it tomorrow!


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