Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ano daw?!?!?!

Had a couple of weird conversations yesterday. I don't know, might it be due to the intense rain at night?

Conversation 1

Setting: Convenience store in front of the office. If you are from katips, its the tindahan beside the old Video City below Drew's.

Me: Ate Marlboro lights. Yung soft pack.
Ate: Ay! Wala nang soft pack! HARD PACK NALANG.
Me: Ate! Fliptop kase ang tawag diyan!

Si Ate talaga...

KINKY! Chuice

Conversation 2:

Setting: At home over dinner.
Date: 7/30/2010

Bro-in-law: Rose ilabas mo nga yung cake baka expired na yan
Rose (our helper): Wala namang nakasulat kuya. 7/30 lang...
Bro-in-law: Eh di ngayon yan July 30!!!!
Rose: Ay akala ko oras!

WHAAAAAAT? (Ang bading niya)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smelling Dreams to Reality!

If you guys still don't know, I graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering. (woooooooh bagyong Milenyo!). I honestly still can't figure out how I managed to complete the five-year program but thank God, I did with an honorable mention and a program award in tow ( wooooooh bagyong Reming!)

Graduation '08 With the rest of the Chem block.

The field of chemistry that I am really interested in pursuing is perfumery. Having been raised by parents who are in the cut-flower business, I have been exposed to all sorts of orchids and ornamental plants. I remember one time I tried boiling dendrobiums just to extract its scent. Shempre it got all messed up and I ended scorching the kaserola. Sinturon tuloy ang inabot ko!

I really am determined to explore this field so I am constantly looking for opportunities for further studies in France. I found great ones which are expensive as well. Not unless someone can give me 2 million pesos then by all means GOW!

One day I chanced upon a perfume making class offered in Makati so I gladly signed up for a class last Saturday. The place is called Chemworld Perfume Factory which specializes in distribution of essential oils and pre mixed perfumes for small businesses.

I felt so kilig seeing the stuff they sold. Amber bottles of various scents were all around calling me (Katakot!)

I really found them lovely!

We were led into the training room and these greeted me on the table

Namiss ko naman daw kayo! Dati sukang-suka ako seeing you everyday! Chuice!

The lecture was short and very "googleable" We then did hands-on activities where we simply diluted the premix in various solvents. They gave me their version of Chopard Pour Homme Halo halo lang and then tadaaa! Perfume na!

Pa-epek lang yung blue color. Nag-inarte kasi!

Most of the discussion revolved around how a perfume business could make you rich. They taught us how to do pricing, sales strategies and told success stories. Honestly, I did not listen much. I wasn't interested in selling knock-offs (Ehem!).

What I wanted to discover was how to mix essential oils to make my own perfume.In short, I did not get what I actually wanted to learn. But at least, I now have a place where I can get raw materials for my little experiments at home. :)

(eksaherada lang)

Sidekwento: I got an email last month from a man named Nicolas de Barry. He offered to personally train me in his very own Chateau de Frileuse in France!

At first it looked dubious. My friends said baka pedo or human trafficker! hahaha pakasama. But look, he is apparently one of the top perfumers in Europe!!!

I felt honored having been invited by such a notable person in the perfume industry. Of course it came with a fee. Unlike the 2 year course worth 2M pesos, his 3-week program in France followed by distance learning sessions for a year would cost a little less than Php 300,000.00

Still pricey though but I seriously hope someone could sponsor me! Barya lang yan ng mga billionaires noh! Any takers? haha or if you could give me a lead to where I can get scholarship, I will forever be grateful!

Here's to making fragrant dreams happen!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shopping ba ang Hanap Mo?

This weekend is all about clothes, shoes, shopping and S-A-L-E. Sino ba namang hindi naloloka kapag narinig ang "sale" ??? It's like music to any shopaholic's ears. Oh yes...I can hear it now...Lalala dum dum tweedle deedle deee... Baliw.

There's a famous Filipino saying "kapag nagigipit sa patalim kumakapit". Relaaax, I have no plans of becoming a hold upper or a pick-pocket. But in line with the huge shopping event in the coming days, I would like to propose a new saying: "Kapag may sale na palapit, kay piggy nanunungkit!" Time to crack open our favorite friend!

BWAHAHAHAH. Uy! Joke lang!

Anyway, here are some of the sales in the city this weekend! If you feel sowshal, why not go to this...
This one on the other hand features local retail brands. Buy Pinoy!
And last, this could be a great place to go to as well

I'm tempted to go to one. Especially the Rustan's. FEELING?! Well, I'm really kuripot so if you are like me, I'm going to where it's sale all year round.

Huli ka sister! Chuice! Wag ka, there are great finds here too!

Well, wherever you wish to go always remember, spend wisely!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's the SONA Fashion Show!

Ever since the Arroyo regime, I always made sure I'd be able to watch the State of the Nation Address (SONA). Well, GMA used it to brag about all her achievements and cover up all her dirty jobs but at least, we get to hear things on a more positive note. I also watch out for the future plans that our government wish to take and gauge whether I should build my future in the country or just leave for good. Ok I'm kidding. I'm an advocate of nation-building so the last thing I'd do is fly away.

Mixed reactions surfaced regarding P'Noy's SONA. Some people said it was too blaming while others think it was just right. I'm for the latter. Its the State of the Nation Address and I hope we can all stop denying the real state which is, we are in peril. What I really liked about his speech was his way of showcasing his cabinet members. It was a display of their competence and the president's confidence that I think we should all start having, until they become anomalous.

Simply put, let's give this administration a chance. Enough criticisms. For now.


Anyhoo (ayan na...) another thing I watch out for is the SONA Fashion Show. Yes, in this time of the year, people parade their barong tagalogs and ternos for all the world to see. Plus they get to say on camera "Oh this is by (insert name of designer)" Which is a subtle way of saying " I have pork barrel therefore I'm rich and I can afford a dress made by so and so"

As usual,no matter who made your frock, everything could still be a hit or miss depending on how you package yourself. Read related post here.

Let's start with the hits!

No. 1 on the list is our dear President Noynoy

Kerreh! Chuice lang!

I really think Liz Uy is doing a great job styling him. Now he looks dapper and far from being sloppy like he was just several months ago. Sana lang noh! His haircut is bagay too. Shows less of his bald spots. I should know. Nakakrelate na ako jan. Shet.

Then there's the ever fashyon

Risa Hontiveros

Risa came in a stylized tapis. Emphasis on stylized. That means made of expensive fabric with appliques. Baka daw kasi tapunan ni Clara/Gladys Reyes ng labahan at basahan siya ng MOD Magazine!!! haha

Always pretty

Audrey Tan-Zubiri

Her outfit reminds me of an onion. Sibuyas bumbay to be exact. But it was still very classy.

And of course

Now Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez

She looked like a goddess. She's not really that beautiful but she's white. Parang aparisyon. And the color suited her well. Very elegant! Not to mention the arm candy. (pweh dilf-hunter much?) I wonder how Richard feels? He must be drooling with envy... over the dress. Chuice!

Then there were those who missed. Let's start with the guys

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano

No. Colored barong is really tacky. Please keep that in mind.

And oh my gosh

Rep. Teodoro Casino

Can I call him bad boy? Not just because he is an activist and all he did was whine and complain and be bad but WTH is he wearing? Bad fit of barong. Bad fit of trousers. Bad shoes. Bad bag. Bad haircut. And don't get me started on the print. Nakakasuka. I get you and I agree but please channel your battle cries in session instead k?

Then the ladies...

Assunta de Rossi

Ateh late ka na for the Inauguration!!!! haha

and yes, I cried.
Pia Hontiveros

In my last post, I praised Pia Hontiveros but this is a nightmare!!! 1. Please explain this fabric and color palette. 2. She looked like an aged ninang and 3. WHY IS THE CARPET CONNECTED TO YOUR PUSON???

Wait there's more. I really feel lumalabas ang sungay ko but I can't help it. For this section, lets play fashion face off. If you don't know this think "who wore it better" or Victoria Valera of House of Ronaldo versus Vera Cruz of Vera Couture (updated?!). You be the judge.






Stop na! Again and again, K.I.S.S! Gets? Mwah!

Pictures courtesy of Sany Chua of PEP. Check the rest of the album here

Monday, July 26, 2010

Childhood Niyo Rin Ba To?

When I was young I always looked forward to 10:30 AM on ABS-CBN. Ok its not Ang TV that shifted time slots but this was the time set for tagalized cartoons. Back then wala pa kaseng Nickelodeon, Kidzone, etc.

Over the years, I've watched quite a number of series especially during summer vacations. And with each show I learned to dream of things that I hoped someday would come true. (profound kahit bata?)

Of course we had the popular ones like:

Who could forget Cedie? A lowly boy from New York who later finds himself journeying to England to become a sole heir to a British Earldom. Seeing Cedie, I wished I could be a master in playing the flute. So that I can play my emotions away like him. Ganoooon? I got a bamboo flute but I never had the amor to play it often. I think because ampangit ng lasa. haha

And then there's Cedie's partner:

Princess Sarah!

Unlike the rags to riches plot of Cedie, Sarah Crew had riches to rags. I felt for her, seriously. A princess turned maid? Ang lungkot! I never wanted that to happen to me. All I wanted to happen was to become a princess all throughout. Chuice! Ahem. Alam na.

There were some less popular but equally good shows like:

Julio At Julia: Kambal ng Tadhana

Ok I found this show weird. For very obvious reasons, I had more intelligence then because I could never fathom (fathom?!?) how a chinese guy could have a blondie twin sister. I never wished for a twin though. I simply wanted special powers that could take anywhere I wanted to go.

Growing up a little older there was...


This cartoon show was major KILIG! An orphan finds herself a mysterious benefactor named Daddy Long Legs to put her through boarding school where he meets a cute lad called Jervis. And then after college she finds out that Jervis and Daddy Long Legs are one and the same! EEEEEK. So that time, all I wanted was to have romance as sweet as that. And Jervis became my one and only cartoon crush. Patay, confeeeermed.

You see, tagalized cartoons allowed me to dream. Sadly, none of these came true. JUST YET. I don't know how to play the flute, I am not in any way a princess, and all I got were a bunch of bad romance (BEM!). Oh well, never too late.

In other news, have you noticed a peculiar trend among some of the characters?

First they were these

Then Star Cinema created movie adaptations and that turned them to this

And oh well, I guess they went through similar childhood experiences that's why they ended up like this

Hubadera!! Chuice! Bwahahah


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Face-lift!

Since everyone is talking about Charice's botox procedure, I decided to go with the flow and gave my blog a lift! Actually the rain made me super lazy to move around and I just had to find a way to make myself productive.

You guys love it? Well I really do! It's simple yet sexy (like me!) I am happy with the new color scheme too! The old one kasi looked kinda tacky.

And finally, I got to fix the bad lay-out of the embedded videos. haha

So you guys check out my blog regularly ok? Things are getting better here!

Hugs! (meganon?)

Party Pilipinas, no not the show.

I love people. They energize me and they keep me sane. That's why I've always had a thing for parties and social gatherings. For me, its my way of connecting to who I am and who I am capable of becoming (meganon?)

Taken during Bono's Despedida at Picasso, Makati with CB 0809 loves

Given more time and money, I would throw simple, intimate get-togethers more often. They always have to be themed of course! Brothel houses, Playboy mansion and aztec sacrifices could be a great themes! (Joke lang. Halatang I watched House Bunny last night at HBO).

Back when I was president of Ateneo Chemical (then Chemistry) Society we would stage pirate, Hollywood and white parties. I also remember planning an elaborate Las Vegas party for my barkada in Davao during one of the semestral breaks but 2 days before the event, I had a 42-degree fever. Yeah, I'm hot like that. Literally. Chuice!

Anyway, looking through some stuff online, I found these really cool party accessories. The features are ingeniously conceptualized not to mention their hip designs. Exemplified fusion of form and function (Hinting more Christmas gifts now...)

Chips and Dip server! age. haha. Reminds me of my oil burner though which carries the same concept. But I love it!

Eto gusto ko to. I love sushi and I love wine. So let's volt in! Manly?

Tired of carrying two things at the same time? Like juggling between two boys in one twisted love situation? (HEH!) Why not put them together in one dish? Galeng noh?

This one is my favorite! Don't you just love it? Instead of putting everything on a table, just hang them! I dream of having one and using it for a party in an art gallery. Bishosa! Tapos mga nakasabit piatos, chippy, nova, ulo ng tao. K.

Then we have plates.

Slightly kadiri but I adore the concept. Love the idea of using it as a prank too.

Works both ways. Either you lose appetite so as not to gain weight or you become an emotional eater. haha

Anyway I am no Martha Stewart so I'll stop here. But I seriously want to throw if not conceptualize a party for someone soon. Any takers? It's going to be FUN!

Friday, July 23, 2010

How My Life was Shaped by a Kids' Song

Balloons are fun toys. When I gave my nephew 2 balloons this morning, his face lit up in gladness and he got all giddy hugging and tossing it into the air.

When we were young we were all taught how to sing this rather popular pinoy song "Ako ay may Lobo". If you can't remember check the clip.

Note: please teach me how to adjust this screen. It really looks bad lay-out wise

I really really think this is a very sad song. For one, he lost his lobo. And then, he found out that it popped. To add insult to injury, the song emphasized that he could have gotten food instead!!! Grabe naman, it paints R-E-G-R-E-T all over! Not to mention depression and despair. Harsh for kids!!!

I honestly believe that this song had a huge effect on how I handle money. Aside from the fact that I'm kuripot, I really make sure that my money is always well spent. I don't want to have regrets just like that kid who chose to buy a balloon than some food. Hence when I am about make a purchase, I contemplate on it real hard before I hand my cash over. hahah

To be careful with spending is of course a good trait. But to put too much prime on money is bad as well. Yes the best things in life are those that can't be bought. But there are still things that are of great value that you won't get if you won't spend for them. Kaya nga may kasabihang "spend wisely"

And speaking of lobo

Chuice! Noah na ang uso ngayon!

Have a great weekend everyone! Spend wisely!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No More Purple Dinosaur!!!

Piracy is so rampant in the Philippines, I really think its impossible to stop it. No matter how many raids they do, stalls selling pirated goods will always sprout like mushrooms.

One of the most pirated items would be DVD's. From movies to TV series to porn you will surely find them at least 5 kilometers away from where you are right now.

We do have some pirated DVD's at home too including my nephew's kiddie shows. One of them is Barney.

I love you, you love me! Cheka!

Looks harmless noh? And according to the label its recent. 2010 daw eh! Flipping the case you see all the episodes inside the cd.

24-in-1!!! Handamiiii!

The quality was good! Clear, crisp audio and video. In fairness, sulit! But wait!!! When I looked closely at the images, I discovered something strange bordering on freaky.

Ok so sa normal muna tayo

And then, I no longer get what Barney wants to say

Or do
Marvellous manners for Halloween? Ano daw? Wrong spelling pa!

Or go
Is it our space or outer space? Either way WAVES TO BARNEY!!! WAVES!!!

or who Barney is really
BARNE??? Paka slang naman!

and then it becomes freakier...

WTH is a kinky nurse doing with Barney??? And it says MAKE BELIEVE!

Also, who the hell is this woman???

Last and the worst

MONSTER BARNEY!!!! For sure ayoko makipag ready, set and play!!!

WOW LANG. What were those pirates thinking? Now I'm afraid to watch Barney shows. Baka kung ano pang makita ko noh!

So guys, let's boycott pirated items ok? Torrent nalang. Chuice:P
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