Friday, February 25, 2011

Remembering EDSA

Today we remember EDSA I. And while it's sad to note that most people don't get the significance and even recall what happened 25 year ago, I hope that we all feel thankful that it took place.

See, hear, speak and feel EDSA. My tribute to the restoration of democracy.
(but wait, ansabe ng nagrerebolusyon kong eyebags?)

Had I been born earlier, I'm sure I would have been on the streets in 1986 too. There's nothing more rewarding than being socially involved no matter how small your contribution is.

Last Wednesday concerned citizens of our country organized a simple candle lighting ceremony along Katipunan to remember and celebrate the gifts of EDSA: truth, justice, freedom and peace.

O diba say ng photographer? Kung makahanap ng angle!
Hi Ria Roa! :D

I saw fellow student leaders...

The Black Dynasty (choz). Three generations of COA Presidents.

Motorists were encouraged to make busina (arte?) to show support. A short prayer and reflection was held after. Then came the representatives from San Marino Corned Tuna. CHUICE LANG.

In fairness ang payat ni Marian. I thought she was kinda volup.
Si dingdong pang corned tuna talaga, sarap ipang-agahan. ECHOS

I knew people were gigil to have a picture taken with them at hindi na sila nagpatalo at nauna na...

Dahil minsan lang sila makakita ng babaeng walang belo. CHUICE!

Of course di rin papatalo ang team Naga

In fairness to Ate Julie, her cousin and Ms. Tonette, as they left the event, they bumped into another artista fresh from a shoot along katipunan overpass!

Masabi lang!!!

At hindi nagpa-awat si Ms. Tonette! Kelangan may solo!

Ultimate celebrity pa-picture.Yung ang fan mejo paclose tapos yung celebrity stiff lang na parang na-awkward.

After that we went to NBC tent to meet Geo-anne. Had dinner at Kirin in High Street. Ang sosyal ng place so bilang mga pureza, we prepared ourselves to check the menu. Kapag mahal aacting si Geo ng "Ok we wanna try something else!" But in fair, food was ok and the price was not steep considering the location.

Fierce customer. Ganito mag-order kapag walang pera, dinadaan sa confidence!

In fairness naman we ordered a lot. Fred arrived a little later at mejo konti nalang yung food so we had to order one more dish and rice.

Funny because the wait staff removed all the empty plates

Geo: Hala kinuha ng waiter ang mga plato mukha tuloy tayong poor na na naghati-hati lang sa isang kanin at ulam!
Tim: Nako Geo ilabas ang iPad dali! Tapos dun ka kumain!
Everyone (mejo pasigaw): Grabe ang dami naming inorder kanina ah!! Second round na to by the way!!!

So ang layo na ng jump from EDSA ano? But well as a final note, here's a message courtesy of The OneCORE

Yes. Because when we continually commit to making ourselves better, we become heroes not only to ourselves but also for everyone in our community.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Photos courtesy of Ria Roa

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palibhasa Lalake

I guess everyone has seen the 2010 Victoria's Secret fashion Show. Well you can view it part by part on YouTube, download through torrent or catch it on TV (not sure if its on Star world or Velvet) AGAIN and AGAIN. Kasuka lang (Che di ko lang talaga feel.Malamang!).

There are a million things that can catch your attention during the show depending on your interests.

1. For an average guy, their eyes are fixed on the angels, looking at (in order of priority) their boobs, their curves and their face.
2. Fashionistas will tend to look at the underwear- analyzing pano gawing vavavoom ang Triumph at So-en nila using glitters, sequins at bubog pwet ng baso. Chuice.
3. Party goers will collect ideas for the next imma-be-a-pokpok halloween
4. Music lovers won't watch at all and will just listen to the artist performing

Well for someone like me who has no interest in any of those listed, I will have to look for other things to be concerned about. This particular clip from Akon's performance was suggested to me by a friend whose identity I shall withhold. WATCH

At first parang wala lang. Rampa rampa lang ang mga hitad while Akon is singing. And occasionally, ladies tend to brush him off with their enormous wings sa parang "Che! Tabi diyan!"

But wait if you look closely...


Seriously, he could have just KEBS the whole thing and only the critical (aka manyak) eye will notice. But no, he attempted to do some cover up...

Well you can't blame Akon. Kung ikaw ba naman mapaligiran ng mga girls eh di for sure you will also be "enticed". Unless of course if you are beki!

But I guess the real culprit is the last girl. May pa sulyap-sulyap pa kasi!



Monday, February 21, 2011

As Seen on TV!!!

Like any other child, I would rush home from school in order to spend hours on TV. But unlike the regular kid, I am not a fan of Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon (ECHOS wala pa kasing Nickelodeon nung panahon ko). In fact I rarely watch cartoons!

Fine nanonood pala ako ng Starla and the Jewel Riders (Shet lalakeng-lalake lang!) But what kept me glued to the tube are infomercials.

O yes! Name it, I've seen them all-again and again. Yung iba nga namemorize ko na. I dunno why I found them interesting. I guess because ang bongga lang nag bida-bidahan at mag demo sa harap ng madlang tao tapos may mga magrereact lang ng oooh woooow that's revolutionary!!! Chuice!

I've listed some of my favorites:

1. Turbo Tiger

This powerful gadget can suck the hell out of anything. ECHOS. Tapos may mga extensions pa so that you can use it on the floor and the ceiling. Amazing yung ginamit siya to lift two bowling balls and a wooden table!

2. Ab Flex

Do your crunches with ease! In fairness mukhang space ship. I can't remember much about this product. I guess because I was busy ogling at the models' bodies. SARAP.

3. Silhuet 40

Yes, the gel that reduces the size of your thighs, waists and arms in less than 5 minutes. Magraraid sila sa beach tapos may tent kung saan pwede magpahid ng product and then WOW! AMAZING! I lost 3 cms! *Cue music* SILUET KWARENTAAAAAAAAA!

4. Brown and Crisp

It's just a browning bag for your chicken, pork etc. I really don't know what's so special about it. Perhaps because it's instant.

5. Sewing Genie

Eto amazing. With such a small gadget kaya niyang gumawa ng bestida (the term!), punda at pati kurtina!!!

6. Aerospace Bed

Sorry for the icky picture. Tired of folding beds that take too much space? Futons that are painful in the back? Give your guests the ultimate comfort of the Aero-space bed! I remember testing the product sa pamamagitan ng pagpapasagasa sa pison. Tapos afraid pa yung host kasi baka sumabog! And it floats on water! Ganda lang ni teh sa pool with matching summer drink!

6. Cleopatra

Move over Vicky Belo. Cleopatra nose lift works! Mega suk-sok ka nga lang sa ilong. I wonder what happens when you sneeze or if you have sipon? Kadiri lang pag natuyo!

7. Mojave

The ultimate shades! Interchangeable lenses make 5 pairs in one! There's one for the sunny day, cloudy day, snowy day etc. I seriously wanted to buy one. I stopped fantasizing about owning it when I realized it was too manly.

8. Fat Free Express

No need to cook with oil! At first they will show you a large tub of oil and lard that you supposedly consume in a span of time. May pa eew eww pa ang mga tao. Then the person will show you how to fry an egg using its own oil. Tapos paiikutin yung egg to show that it doesn't stick on the surface.

9. Smart Stacks

One of my favorites! Isama mo na ang endorser na si AUDREY! ( Too bad I can't find a picture of her). It's tightly sealed that when she lights a cube the purple smoke is contained on one layer only. But when you have a party you can just slide each layer and put plastic flowers in the hollow tube at the center. Or if you want to go on a picnic, you can have separate baon for BOB, TINA, etc. (Parang kilala ko sila).

10. Handy Chef

And look ma, no shell!!! I must admit after committing to heart all infomercials, this was the only product we bought. In fairness, totoo ang BAM BAM BAM RAPID SUCCESSION ng mga carrots, celery, peppers and cheese to make a HEALTHY CHOPPED SALAD!

And just like any other infomercial...

call in the next 5 minutes and...Chuice!

I did a little extra research and I found some of them on YouTube!

In fair gustong-gusto ko nito but it was expensive that time. Pero mas gusto ko yung "carpenter's cross" design in simple silver with a velvet rope.

I've tried this in real life and mejo masakit. Para kang maa-appendicitis!

And my most favorite of all!!!!

Why spend hundreds of dollars for a salon styled hair??? Amazing yung frizzy to straight hair! Pero talagang magagamit ko pa to ngayon...perhaps after Svenson I might consider buying one. Chowz

So what are you waiting for? Dial 890-2345. That's 890-2345 t0 order NOW!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

QuickPost: She deserves an Oscars

It's the Academy Awards in the next few days but before the red carpet even rolls out, mauuna na akong mamigay ng award. If there's one celebrity who deserves The Best Actress Award, siya na...

Ay teh relaaaaaaks!

And why? Because she played an exceptional role as Cady Heron in Mean Girls. Too excellent pinakatotohanan na niya! With scandals including alcohol and drug addiction, kissing sprees, sex tapes, plagiarism, trips to the rehab and jail time CONSISTENT SA ROLE! Nakakabilib lang, diva?

And now she's accused of jewelry theft to which she pleaded not guilty. I'm sorry teh but the video footage from the court hearing suggests otherwise. WATCH THIS


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

Turning 24 is significant for me. In my opinion, when one reaches 24 he/she should already be considered a REAL adult. Well there isn't any theory or scientific study to this claim but I believe that it's the age when we should really really take our lives and our future seriously. So I would like to thank everyone for making not just the 13th but the whole Feb 11-14 special! Ang ganda ganda ko lang. Chuice!

Feb 11

Office lunch at Coach Pia's house. Thank you Coach for being my birthday mommy and serving barbecue, pancit malabon and cake! Nagfeeling Destiny's Child at napakanta tuloy ako ng...

Can you keep up? Baby boy, make me lose my breath!

After work friends joined me for a small celebration at 77 Cafe Bar and Resto along Kamuning Avenue.

Quick review: Food was good and wasn't too pricey. I loved the old house/artsy vibe of the place making everyone feel cozy. Though I had problems with reservations. Got a confirmation on Wednesday but when Mika, Tim and I arrived no table was reserved. We were lead to the first floor but the waiters asked us to transfer back up since according to the manager that section wasn't open yet. I had to insist that they can't treat us that way since they did not even take note of my reservations. Nasindak sa beauty ko kaya tuloy ang ligaya!

Other early birds!

Dani from The OneCORE and my blockmate JP

Joy Anne!

Then people came trickling in...

College blockmates!
Clockwise: Bene, JP, Verna, Tim, Carmi, Barbie, KoiBeyondPond, Mara and Kats

Team Naga!
Clockwise: Renmar, Ria, Tim, Ate Julie, Kuya Abe, Aldo and Mika

Shempre may mga late. Choz lang!

Carlo Arceta

Carla Torre

Josh Santos

Well mukha namang people had fun...

Masdan ang mga pez!

And thank you guys for the gifts!

TAMA birthday girl talaga (From Barbie, Carlo and Carmi)! And another cake (From Verna)!
Not in picture: A bottle of wine (From Ms. Nimfa)

And dahil may isa pang cake...

Looks like I'm good at BLOWING...candles. CHUICE!

Went home a little after one and had a nice chat with Mika and Josh at the village clubhouse.

Feb 12. Went to Cubao to do some errands. I waited for my birthday while watching The King's Speech. At the stroke of midnight, I said a little prayer of thanks. BANAL.

Feb 13. Woke up at 9 to hear mass at the Chapel near Montgomery. It was a semi-open structure so I had to wear shades the whole time. KEBS. We had North Park deliver food and had a good dinner with the family.

Feb 14. Contrary to everyone's expections, I HAD A DATE LAST VALENTINE'S DAY

*Kilig* CHE!

The person asked me out the night before and picked me up from my office after work. We decided to go to Kiss The Cook along Maginhawa St. Food was great through the service was kinda lame

Afghan Chicken

Five-Spice Pork Spareribs

The setting was romantic. Table for two with flowers and...

Manong Pianista!!!

ANG CATCH. My date was my barkada from high school, KAREN. Yes BABAE. BWAHAHAHAH Apparently Valentine's wasn't a huge deal for her and her boyfriend so it was a perfect time to catch up. Another barkada, James, followed later that evening too.

Of course we ended the evening with...

ALAK. Para sa sugatan kong puso. ECHOZ!

There goes my 24th birthday report! And so after all the celebration, life begins and I've never been so thankful and excited. Cheers to growing up!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Ultimate Singles' Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday! You truly made my weekend special! MWAH!

Last week we talked about gifts that you could give your loved ones on Valentine's day. Well here's a post dedicated to all singles out there as we (take note, WE) usher in the SINGLES' AWARENESS DAY.

Most people dread it. Some people refuse to go out so as to avoid sights that would remind them of love, or the lack thereof. Well I guess the secret really is to KEBS everything and everyone around. I'm not saying that you should be a V-Day Grinch or some love vampire who walks around sucking in people's good vibes. Ang sa akin lang, you can pretend as if it was a normal day and try not to get too much affected by the mushiness around.

I've listed things na most likely ay ipangangalandakan sa mukha niyo tomorrow . Together with each object is a statement that you can repeatedly say to yourself to help you get through the day.

Let's start with the most common...

Sayang lang yan sa pera! Bukas bulok na!

And then the traditional...

Ang daming pinutol na puno para diyan! Save Mother Earth noh!

The most difficult to resist...

Gusto mo ba ng +200 LBS???

The cutest thing...
Wag na baka magka asthma pa ako!

The most precious...

Nako baka ma hold-up pa ako kung may suot akong ganyan!

And the most painful of all...


Go try it! If you make it through the entire Feb 14 without feeling sorry for yourself ...


echos lang.

So you might be thinking, ANG BITTER NAMAN NITO! Well my dears kesa manghamon kayo ng away sa mga taken jan always remember...

It is better to be bitter
than to let others be hurt by calling her a flirt!

On a serious note, you may not have someone special on Valentine's day but never forget that you will always have YOURSELF! So don't forget to love yourself not just tomorrow but everyday! =)

Happy Hearts Day everyone!

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