Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palibhasa Lalake

I guess everyone has seen the 2010 Victoria's Secret fashion Show. Well you can view it part by part on YouTube, download through torrent or catch it on TV (not sure if its on Star world or Velvet) AGAIN and AGAIN. Kasuka lang (Che di ko lang talaga feel.Malamang!).

There are a million things that can catch your attention during the show depending on your interests.

1. For an average guy, their eyes are fixed on the angels, looking at (in order of priority) their boobs, their curves and their face.
2. Fashionistas will tend to look at the underwear- analyzing pano gawing vavavoom ang Triumph at So-en nila using glitters, sequins at bubog pwet ng baso. Chuice.
3. Party goers will collect ideas for the next imma-be-a-pokpok halloween
4. Music lovers won't watch at all and will just listen to the artist performing

Well for someone like me who has no interest in any of those listed, I will have to look for other things to be concerned about. This particular clip from Akon's performance was suggested to me by a friend whose identity I shall withhold. WATCH

At first parang wala lang. Rampa rampa lang ang mga hitad while Akon is singing. And occasionally, ladies tend to brush him off with their enormous wings sa parang "Che! Tabi diyan!"

But wait if you look closely...


Seriously, he could have just KEBS the whole thing and only the critical (aka manyak) eye will notice. But no, he attempted to do some cover up...

Well you can't blame Akon. Kung ikaw ba naman mapaligiran ng mga girls eh di for sure you will also be "enticed". Unless of course if you are beki!

But I guess the real culprit is the last girl. May pa sulyap-sulyap pa kasi!



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