Friday, February 25, 2011

Remembering EDSA

Today we remember EDSA I. And while it's sad to note that most people don't get the significance and even recall what happened 25 year ago, I hope that we all feel thankful that it took place.

See, hear, speak and feel EDSA. My tribute to the restoration of democracy.
(but wait, ansabe ng nagrerebolusyon kong eyebags?)

Had I been born earlier, I'm sure I would have been on the streets in 1986 too. There's nothing more rewarding than being socially involved no matter how small your contribution is.

Last Wednesday concerned citizens of our country organized a simple candle lighting ceremony along Katipunan to remember and celebrate the gifts of EDSA: truth, justice, freedom and peace.

O diba say ng photographer? Kung makahanap ng angle!
Hi Ria Roa! :D

I saw fellow student leaders...

The Black Dynasty (choz). Three generations of COA Presidents.

Motorists were encouraged to make busina (arte?) to show support. A short prayer and reflection was held after. Then came the representatives from San Marino Corned Tuna. CHUICE LANG.

In fairness ang payat ni Marian. I thought she was kinda volup.
Si dingdong pang corned tuna talaga, sarap ipang-agahan. ECHOS

I knew people were gigil to have a picture taken with them at hindi na sila nagpatalo at nauna na...

Dahil minsan lang sila makakita ng babaeng walang belo. CHUICE!

Of course di rin papatalo ang team Naga

In fairness to Ate Julie, her cousin and Ms. Tonette, as they left the event, they bumped into another artista fresh from a shoot along katipunan overpass!

Masabi lang!!!

At hindi nagpa-awat si Ms. Tonette! Kelangan may solo!

Ultimate celebrity pa-picture.Yung ang fan mejo paclose tapos yung celebrity stiff lang na parang na-awkward.

After that we went to NBC tent to meet Geo-anne. Had dinner at Kirin in High Street. Ang sosyal ng place so bilang mga pureza, we prepared ourselves to check the menu. Kapag mahal aacting si Geo ng "Ok we wanna try something else!" But in fair, food was ok and the price was not steep considering the location.

Fierce customer. Ganito mag-order kapag walang pera, dinadaan sa confidence!

In fairness naman we ordered a lot. Fred arrived a little later at mejo konti nalang yung food so we had to order one more dish and rice.

Funny because the wait staff removed all the empty plates

Geo: Hala kinuha ng waiter ang mga plato mukha tuloy tayong poor na na naghati-hati lang sa isang kanin at ulam!
Tim: Nako Geo ilabas ang iPad dali! Tapos dun ka kumain!
Everyone (mejo pasigaw): Grabe ang dami naming inorder kanina ah!! Second round na to by the way!!!

So ang layo na ng jump from EDSA ano? But well as a final note, here's a message courtesy of The OneCORE

Yes. Because when we continually commit to making ourselves better, we become heroes not only to ourselves but also for everyone in our community.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Photos courtesy of Ria Roa

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