Monday, January 31, 2011

KOIture Awards:SAG 2011 Edition (1st of 2 Parts)

In my last KOI-Ture Awards featuring the Golden Globes, I mentioned that the next edition will be for the Oscars. Well, I forgot about the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards which took place today.

I was lucky to catch some parts of E! News' Red Carpet coverage this morning hence I was able to perform an advanced assessment at how people did in the fashion department. Well, when you compare it with the Golden Globes (Part 1, Part 2, Part3) some stars improved while others stayed the same or failed drastically. Nagfeeling fashion critic lang.

Without further ado, I present...

You have to agree, improving ang visuals! CHE.

And here are the winners!

Heather Morris in Romona Keveza

Again, nude is the new black. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of women will go for nude in the Academy Awards this February. But then again, it depends on who is wearing it. Well, Brittany may be that dumb blond in Glee but she was absolutely a fashion genius in this number. The color suited her well, perfect fit, elegant bead work and appropriate accessories (a.k.a. no kere boy beside.Chuice!)

Julianna Margulies in Yves Saint Laurent

Simple gown but the color made all the difference. She looked like a goddess in this outfit! No need for million-dollar-diamonds. Just a little confidence and that wide smile.

Julia Stiles in Ombre

This is my favorite. Unlike the previous dress, this number could have been boring without the gradation. And I love the whole contrast of the feminine outfit softening the hard features of Julia.

Boys! Come out wherever you are... (shet parang pedo lang)

Andrew Garfield in Burberry

This lad is slowly becoming my red carpet favorite. His boyish charm is always coupled with an impeccable suit. Haaaay! Very Irresistible! So anong mas gusto mo? Bahay, kotse or cash? ECHOS.

James Franco in Gucci

A guy you could ways take home to your parents. He's not squeaky clean in fact, a little scruffiness works for him. He can give you a warm fuzzy feel. KUMOT?!?!

And now for the special awards...


is given to

Naya Rivera in Aurelio Costarella

O, ok ka naman dati ah? Day, sabi gown hindi night gown. And what's with the out-of-bed hairdo? Wag mong sasabihing effortless chic ang tema mo dahil effortless lang yan! Galit much?


is given to

Angie Harmon in Monique Lhuillier

I know, love your own but the gown did not work for her. I think she lacked the attitude. Well, teh, hanap ka na ng kapatid mo

Si Falcor!


is given to

Claire Danes in Louis Vuitton

Ok naman kasi yung gown but could you tell me what that belt is doing there? Besides san ba yan galing? Hickok o McJim???

For the third part, let's play a little intellectual game of arithmetic!

Helena Bonham Carter in Marc Jacobs
(konting lace. Thank God for matching shoes)

January Jones in Carolina Herrera
(Black frames with gold-gold embellishment achuchu)


Here's another one!

Mariska Hargitay in Isaac Mizrahi
(aka TAPIS)

Kate Mara in Herve Leger by Max Azria

Your favorite LANDLADY!!!

And so watch out for Part 2!

Photos courtesy of JustJared

Saturday, January 29, 2011

FRESH CATCH: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The "FRESH CATCH" category is like "KoiBeyondPond Recommends" where I will attempt to suggest things -from movies to style items, music, links etc. Yes, this is an attempt to be a "dictator of taste" ala Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl Episode 12 (UY UPDATED!)

HEH. Explain.

Anyway, it's around two weeks before Valentine's day and there are three ways to prepare for it:

1. Feel the love
2. Makontento sa kilig

Third item applies to me every year. Thank God I was born the day before and there is always a reason to stay happy on the 14th. PARINIG.

Anyway, I found this wonderful Thai movie called Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Watching it could either make you fall in love or be fragile depending on your current relationship status.

It's a funny tale of a nobody-girl who falls in love with a campus cutie and so she tries hard to change herself to get noticed. And as she transforms from a dark-skinned geek into a graceful fair lady, she discovers more things about herself and the boy in her life. Simple plot but it had a hilarious treatment...with a little sting in the end.

What to watch out for:

1. Flirting Styles

Para sa di natural na malandi...

2. Makeover Tips

Yes di na uso ang cucumber. Pakwan na for very challenging cases!

3. Amazing Transformation

Which would make everyone exclaim...


Though, the girl kinda looks like...

Whatever-happened-to-Ateh-Chynna-Ortaleza. Chuice!

4. Pokwang!


5. And of course, the ultimate qualification for a nice movie... KERE BOYS

Hmm, pwede na...

Nag-inarte? Well, tingnan natin kung mag-inarte ka pa kay...

Mario Maurer!

He's the guy from Love Of Siam (another popular Thai film). This time he's straight. Aww so adorable! Cellphone charm material! (HEH)

Intrigued much? Watch the trailer NOW!

And if you can't wait to download the torrent file, someone uploaded the whole film on Facebook! So if you are bored on a lazy Sunday, start loading the movie now!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

If you guys are curious at how I reacted to the film, well let's just say as the credits rolled, I went out for a walk kahit 1 AM na. heehee

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wanted: English-Speaking Coach

I know some of my friends went gaga when they first saw the Coco Martin Nescafe commercial. (Me included!) I think ever since he played a role in Tayong Dalawa, he has gained a steady following, a swarm of tumutiling girls and gays and I bet generous benefactors who are willing to spend a lot just to take him home na parang McDonalds Kiddie Meal!

Sure he is popular now. And with popularity comes strings of endorsements. And why not? He's got the looks, the talent and the charisma. Kaya lang ayon sa kasabihan, you just can't have everything. Watch and see what I mean...

O diba? Ok na sana nawaley lang sa dulo.

But wait, let me guide you through the whole commercial. In fairness ineffortan ang transcription...

Gusto ko nagiiba-iba.


action (let's go!)




Sorry, di kayo!


para maging kakaiba diba? Parang ito, kakaibang sarap!

Bagong Nescafe 3-in-1 Brown and CRIIIIIMY

Kakaibang timpla ng Nescafe, creamer at ngayon may sarap ng...


Eto ba? With free alipunga! CHUICE!

bango, mmm parang caramel...


AY MAY ROOTCROP??? So eto ang pantapat niyo sa...

echos lang.

ibang klaseng sarap, tikman mo! Nescafe 3-in-1, my choice *END*

Note this is not a paid ad! Wish ko lang diba? For humor's sake only!

But please find him a good english tutor? If not, try dubbing like what they did with Marian! And do check other commercials HERE


Monday, January 24, 2011

KOIture Awards:Golden Globes 2011 Red Carpet Edition (3rd of 3 Parts)

So I know binitin ko kayo because I stopped at part 2 of the KOIture Awards last week when in fact I claimed that the whole post was going to be in three parts. Well, blame the tight schedule- work, social life (socialite ka?!?) and some special domestic responsibilities (CHUSERA).

So to those I've kept waiting, and those who made kulit a little (Hi Margie and Tim) here's the culmination of the KOIture Awards: Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Edition!

And the Golden Koi goes to...

Dianna Agron in J. Mendel

She looked so divine in her nude dress! The nude trend is in fact modern but she exuded an old-world charm that is truly captivating and enchanting. Pero di ko siya crush, utang na loob!

Nicole Kidman in Prada

Nicole is one of the the best dressed ladies in Hollywood and this was another proof. The dress was simple but elegantly accentuated with a bow and a brooch. Though she had a poor taste in accessory (referring to Keith Urban. CHUICE)

OK boys, lapit!

Jake Gyllenhaal in Burberry

Ok I don't really like him (Tanong mo naman muna kung gusto ka niya, ano???) but everything changed when he played Jamie in Love and Other Drugs. He was just adorable! Sarap gawing cellphone charm.

Robert Pattinson in Gucci

Thank god he did not look like a vampire/ drug addict/ taong di natulog for 243,953 days. He looked like a dark prince ready to lure you to some sinful carnal delight. HEH PAKAHALAY!

Now for special awards...


is given to

Rita Wilson in Dolce and Gabbana

Teh, saan ang ballroom dancing ng mga matrona tonight? ECHOS.


is given to

Sandra Bullock in Jenny Packham

Advocacy ba natin ang "No to baring excess skin! "? Pati no-o di pinaligtas!


is given to

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

Sinong gusto ng tocino for breakfast?!!?

For our group awards, we would like to give a special citation to the best classical story turned animated film turned musical...

We would like to recognize the participation of some of the notable actresses in Hollywood starting with...

Helena Bonham Carter in Vivienne Westwood

Weird is definitely not cool! Ano namang naisip mo day? Btw, look at your shoes and tell yourself, tapos na ang pasko!

Of course, Ursula will never surface without her alipins

Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi and Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen

So who's jetsam and who's flotsam? Well kebs dahil pareho silang chaka. CHOZ

Other supporting cast...

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen

Wag! Wag mong hampasin ng buntot si Tony Parkeeeeeeer! Chuice!

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Romona Keveza

And to add insult to injury, check the hairstyle. Definitely not pearl material. Ang sama lang...

Gabourey Sidibe in Marc Bower

Ok so she's not part of Little Mermaid pero mapilit siya. Well I'm pretty sure there was a starfish somewhere!

And of course, the original BEST FRIEND NG BAYAN

Julianne Moore in Lanvin

Tell me what happend to your other claw?


And that concludes KOIture Awards 2011! See you again soon for the Oscar's

Photos courtesy of Yahoo OMG
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