Monday, March 28, 2011

Move over Chuckie! Quick Post

Babies are supposed to be cute. They are charming, adorable and irresistible. They say it's the innocence and as they gain more knowledge about the world, then they start becoming ugly. Choz. More like "human". So feeling ko when Adam bit into the forbidden fruit bigla siyang chumaka.

This is my nephew, Pio. Cute noh? Kagigil!!!

And so what if babies begin to frighten you instead? I saw this creepy video of babies singing as if haunting another baby's dreams.

Watch from start to end. Things start becoming scary at 1:45. Don't tell me I did not warn you...

CHUICE KO!!!!!! San kayo galing?? Exorcist?????

I'd choose Chuckie anytime!

Meanwhile on a completely different matter, eto pampatagal afraid. My friend Cai Subijano is joining this year's Binibining Pilipinas!

Pangarap ko rin to balang araw (bishosa!) pero habang di ko pa panahon, support muna ako!

Please visit THIS PAGE and make sure to click LIKE! GOW!!!

And of course don't forget to watch the Grand Coronation Night at 8PM. I hope there will be a live telelcast. Manonood ako with pen and paper para ma-note ko ang mga sagot sa question and answer.

Pio's photo courtesy of Paolo Villaba

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Will Happen to Pinas After the Tragedy in Japan?

Heller guys! Yes, I am still alive. Well let's just say I almost went up to heaven (sure???) due to a high fever fluctuating from 38.5-40.3 degC for three days. Eksaherada!!! Well emote lang yung muntik ma-deads but on my second night I had weird hallucinations of having to rescue a group and escape from a crumbling ancient city. True story.

Anyway, that is no longer important. I'm just thankful that I'm feeling better. Aside from that flu-like sickness, we had no internet at home since Sunday so wala talaga kayong mababasa. Mind you, hits were still increasing so thank you for continually checking this blog out :)

So when you are sick and you don't have energy to even stand-up you tend to think of a lot of things. One thing that kept my mind churning was the catastrophe in Japan. I said to myself "Pakshet! Pag-nangyari yan dito ako ang unang deads kasi 1. tulog ako and 2. mabagal akong gumalaw dahil sa sakit. Wa epek ang mga emergency plans ko!!!"

I had serious realizations and I said a lot of prayers, both for Japan and for our country. I could just imagine how deeply pained the Japanese are yet they can still manage to be courteous, respectful and orderly. God bless them!


But you know, knowing me, my mind is 3/4 serious and 1/4 gaga. (Owwws?) Pinatest ko bakit ba! So a lot of weird things were included in my thought process. And that's what I want to share...

You see, we cannot deny the fact na kahit milya-milya ang layo natin from Japan, we will still feel some effects-in one way or another. There's of course the tsunami, a similar quake and now the radiation. So ano pa nga ba???

O yes, our favorite Japanese goodies might be banned due to radiation

Dahan-dahan silang dadami sa banned list but please Lord, wag naman to a point na magsara ang...

Favorite ko pa naman to!

This ban thing will surely bring down their now struggling economy. Pag nagkataon they will have to look for other sources of wealth...


But The Philippines will have difficulties too! First, we will lose our japan-japan-sagot-sa- kahirapan...

Hostos included, btw

Shempre takot na sila noh! Don't tell me willing pa sila gumiling-giling habang naliligo sa radiation! Well I wouldn't be surprised dahil ang motto ata ng pinoy ay KAPIT SA PATALIM!

Speaking of sexy girls, eto feel ko beki lang talaga makakarealize. With the recent catastrophe...

Wala na munang Ms. Japan sa Ms. Universe, Ms. World, Ms. International pati Ms. Earth!

That's what I think. In observance of their mourning. Pero HINDI PWEDE HINDI PWEDE HINDI PWEDEEEEEEEEE! (Affected much?)

Speaking of reverence...

Shout-out to all thrift-shoppers! Think twice before diving into our favorite pile of "vintage clothes" baka may curse na kasama yan parang multo sa kama or sa banga or singsing ni lola! Besides, they need this more than we do!

And while in the topic of clothes, this I am kinda thankful for...


Respeto lang naman. Most of them don't even have that small retaso to wear. Finally, boys,boys this is for you...


Kilabutan ka nga!!! Baka yang pinagpapantasyahan mo isa nang malamig na bangkay!!! Fine pwede na si Maria Ozawa bilang buhay naman siya according to her twitter.


Shucks ang hirap palang magpaka Madam Auring. Nakakapagod. With that, let us thank the Lord that we are all still alive!


Sunday, March 20, 2011


Long long time ago, Nostradamus predicted the coming of the Anti-Christ and the end of times...

Out of the country of Greater Arabia
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed...
He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.

Now, could he be the one?


Well according to Moammar Gadhafi after UN's go signal to do air strikes in Libya

"Moammar Gadhafi vowed in harrowing terms to crush the rebellion against him with “no mercy, no pity.”....“If the world is crazy,” he said, “we will be crazy, too.” He warned: “We will turn their lives into hell.” (Inquirer, March 19, 2011)

"Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Saturday threatened to attack military and civilian targets in the Mediterranean in retaliation for Western air and sea strikes on his country." (Inquirer, March 20, 2011)



I'm usually skeptical about predictions. But Nostradamus has so far been accurate in seeing Hitler, and the 9-11 etc. etc. So parang gusto kong maniwala...

Hmm maconfeerm nga kay...

Zenaida Seva aka SYZYGY!!!

Ay wag na, baka ang ibigay lang sa akin lucky color at lucky number! CHUICE!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone and let us not forget to include the world in our prayers!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love Bacon, but...

Disclaimer: No irreverence intended.

Welcome to the Loyola School of Theology! An institution that is both a home and place of learning for the Jesuits. It is where socially involved, morally upright and Christ-centered men are formed. Occasionally it is transformed to a relief center whenever any part of the country is hit by a calamity.

Recently my friends and I paid a visit to attend an event. It was actually my first time to go there
while the sun is still up.

The Facade.

I have this habit of carefully checking out a new place- down to the tiny details. Before coming in I noticed something on one of the windows. I mentally said...

Ang cute naman may mga heart heart pang decor! Valentines ang peg!

Focusing more on what I saw, JOSKOOOOO

Anong heart heart ang pinagsasabi ko jan?!?! Hindi yan heart!!!

Mind you, hindi lang siya ordinary. Eto ay isang...

You know I love bacon but this time parang di ko masabing YUM! CHUICE!

Again, I have so much admiration for the Jesuits- their open minds, discipline, and passion for their craft. I just found the situation funny. I'm sure kung sino man yun, di niya sinadyang ibalandra ang "delicates". Nagkataon lang na may mga gaya ko. (I meant pintasero, hindi becky!)

At least we know they really observe their vow of poverty. :P


Monday, March 14, 2011

One More "One More Chance"

So when I posted the best scene from One More Chance, people were looking for the part when Trisha (Maja) read her gift to Popoy (JLC). I never realized that it was as winner as their conversation! TAMBLING!!!

Excuse me kung mejo tutubo na naman ang sungay ko. But since I saw One More Chance yesterday at Cinema One, I felt that this post was very timely.

Ok last na to promise! I shall be a good kid tomorrow. Echos. To Maja, kung nagbabasa ka man nito (feeling?) ipagpatuloy mo lang ang pag-arte at pagsayaw mo ining. But may I recommend...

GOW! Summer ngayon, baka may promo. CHUICE LANG!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Post: Best Scene in One More Chance

Almost every love-stricken Pinoy has watched One More Chance. Eto na yata ang pambansang cheesy movie ng Pilipinas.

And while people try to remember the most memorable and melodramatic lines every now and then, nakalimutan na ba natin ang pinaka mabentang scene ever???

Let me refresh your memories. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the woman of beauty, talent and exquisite language, Maja Salvador!

Iba ka talaga teh!!! You surely have the talent in acting pero sana tinagalog mo nalang.

In fairness, ineffortan kong gawin to. Screen caps, transcribing, photoshop and all! So kapag shinare niyo, please don't forget to cite your source. CHUICE!

Peace to everyone! Nababarok at naro-wrong grammar din ako paminsan :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

What's in a Country's Name???

Back in grade school we were made to memorize the different countries of the world together with their "nicknames". For example: Japan-The Land of the Rising Sun. That's why come United Nations Day, pumo-posing ang mga little girls sabay apply ng HEKASI lessons to the tune of " Shalom! I'm Beverly Carmela Casimiro, 8 years old from the land of milk and honey, Israel!

Recently I found this video of Bekimon on YouTube

Masakit lang sa ulo!

I shared this to my friends over one Friday inuman and we ended up spending the rest of the night thinking of other countries and how to present them. Ladies and gentlemen...

The Countries of the World!

Mula sa bansang bawal ang boots...


From the country with no secrets...


Bansa ng osteoporosis...


Lugar na laging tama...


Mula sa bansang hindi malinis...


Lugar na maraming gutom...


Meanwhile, mula sa bansang laging busog...


Be careful lang about what you eat especially when you are in the land of oil and fats...


Mula naman sa bansa ng mga deadly weapons...


Lugar kung saan nakagapos lahat ng tao...


Bansa ng maraming dahilan...


Lugar na laging nagmamadali...


Lugar na hindi sa akin at hindi sa iyo...


Bansa ni Dingdong and Marian...

SAN MARINO!!!!! (chuice!)

Can you think of statements for other countries?:P Baboo!

Friday, March 4, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Sabi na nga ba...

Today ay kapistahan ng mga becky sa mundo!

Dear Zac,

Leche ka! May nalalaman ka pang Vanessa jan kalahi ka pala namin! Pero in fairness kahit na mega tago ka sa closet mo, marami pa ring naka-amoy ng hot pink mong dugo. It just had to be confeereeemed. Ok lang yan, cute ka pa rin. Kung dati ay para kang Pluto na hindi ma-reach, ngayon, ka-lebel mo nalang ang moon- achieve na achieve!!!

(makapag-feeling lang.)



P.S : You know where to find me!

Dear online source;

Siguraduhin mong genuine ang photo na to! Malaman ko lang na photoshop lang to, ipapag holding hands ko kayo ni kamatayan! Wag kang paasa. Sawa na ako sa mga ganon (ECHOOOOOOOOOS!)




Dear girls of the world,

Beckys- 1 Girls- 0. Sorreh!

In peace and harmony;


Thanks to Cands for this tip! Pang news ka talaga gurl!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

KOIture Awards:Oscars 2011 Edition

Eto na ang mother of all awards night! And while film buffs around the world feasted on the nominated movies and analyzing the results, my eyes were fixed on the stars parading in the red carpet.

Confession: this post should have been published Monday night but I decided to catch the late night replay on Velvet instead. Nakakahiyang aminin na nakatulog ako in the middle of the program. I guess I have to agree that the hosts' chemistry killed it. James Franco was stale as a 1-week old pandesal habang si Anne ay parang sinapian ni Energizer Bunny!

And just like the show, the dresses seemed to bore me as well. Parang normal party lang. Not much luster and star-factor. Not much outrageous outfits either. Mukhang they all played it safe. Balita ko natakot ma-okray sa KOI-ture Awards. CHUICE! Feeling!

Anyway, wala nang paligoy-ligoy pa, introducing...

Ansabe ng Koi Statuette? Kabogg si Oscar!

For this edition, we shall bring back the hits, the misses and the face-off! Let's start with the hits!

Anne Hathaway in Archival Valentino

Kahit waley ang naging hosting mo, you were a winner in the red carpet! Simple cut but the rose details looked fabulous. At nahiya ako sa term na archival! It means it came from a Valentino vault in France. Timeless elegance.

Natalie Portman in Rodarte

This was Best Actress material! Fabulous color and silhouette. I just wish she played a little more in choosing the shoes and accessories.

Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier

The color suited her well! I especially love the beading which created a floating illusion on her arms! I think the look could have been better if her hair wasn't pulled back. Mejo mukhang losyang si tey.

Annette Bening in Naeem Khan

It was a very modern design yet it fit her age perfectly. Not to mention the emerald drop earrings- excellent choice of accessories!

Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang

No need for a lot of styling! So what if it was simple? The overall look was completely sophisticated! I guess the color went well with her dark brown hair too.

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa

Thank God she dressed her age! Pink and tulle created a very dreamy and charming look. I just think the hair made her look like a labandera. Chozz.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

This is what I call sexaaaaay! (there's like that??) A perfect balance of fierceness (from her face and the peek-a-boos ) and sweetness (from the lilac color and the soft lace). Sana paggising ko bukas ganito na ako... ECHOS!


ScarJo in Dolce and Gabbana

Adik ka sa lace teh? Sorry but the dress looked cheap. And what happened to your hair? Next time please use a blower and a brush! Wag mong kakamayin sa harap ng electric fan ah! Tsaka mag Vitress ka! Kakulay pa ng dress mo yung bote!

Christian Bale

So alin diyan ang may dye? Your hair or your beard??? At kelan ka pa naging rabbi aber? Sayang gwapo ka pa naman sana.

Jeniffer Hudson in Atelier Versace

How to make this dress: kumuha ng isang kilometrong tela, itali ng bongga. Take note, sikipan sa side and sa back. But wait, masyadong masikip! Her boobs looked liked a pair of pinisang burger buns!

Sunrise Coigney in Jean Paul Gaultier

OMG!!! Ilabas mo ang tinatago mong Oscar's statuette!!! Don't deny! Kitang-kita from your left side oh!

Marisa Tomei in Charles James Vintage

Ok it's vintage and all but dear, you simply remind me of this...

Only that she was caught in between the transformation.

Halle Berry in Marchesa

The top part looked great. But wait, nasabit ka ba sa limousine mo??? Parang nagmadali lang. "Basta itahi-tahi niyo nalang yan sa ilalim! Bilis!!!

Hillary Swank in Gucci

San ka rumampa teh before going to the red carpet??? Sa EDSA?!??! In fairness dami mong nawalis na alikabok!

And now for the face-off!

Penelope Cruz in L'Wren Scott

Ate girl! Wag mo namang pangunahan ang pagputok ng Mount Bulusan! Maraming mapipinsala! Tenkyew!

Meanwhile, someone came in with a nominated movie as theme in mind...

Virginia Madsen in Romona Keveza

Feathery much??? Half white swan and half black swan! Parang mas fun kung vertical yung division para pang doble kara!

Melissa Leo in Marc Bouwer

Nakikiusap ang parish priest, pakibalik po ng belo ni Maria just in time for Flores de Mayo. Chuice!

Meanwhile may mga naligaw sa awarding ceremony...

Busy Philipps in Douglas Hannant

And for the buffet table...
Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior

Wag kalimutan ang table napkin at ang table runner!

And while the physical set-up is turning out to be great, let's check the menu...

Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture

Perfect na pang tinola! Chozzz lang pow! Baka multohin ako ni Heath Ledger!!!

And with this, we put KOI-Ture Awards to a long break. Next up! FAMAS (mas bongga to!)

Photos courtesy of Yahoo

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