Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Will Happen to Pinas After the Tragedy in Japan?

Heller guys! Yes, I am still alive. Well let's just say I almost went up to heaven (sure???) due to a high fever fluctuating from 38.5-40.3 degC for three days. Eksaherada!!! Well emote lang yung muntik ma-deads but on my second night I had weird hallucinations of having to rescue a group and escape from a crumbling ancient city. True story.

Anyway, that is no longer important. I'm just thankful that I'm feeling better. Aside from that flu-like sickness, we had no internet at home since Sunday so wala talaga kayong mababasa. Mind you, hits were still increasing so thank you for continually checking this blog out :)

So when you are sick and you don't have energy to even stand-up you tend to think of a lot of things. One thing that kept my mind churning was the catastrophe in Japan. I said to myself "Pakshet! Pag-nangyari yan dito ako ang unang deads kasi 1. tulog ako and 2. mabagal akong gumalaw dahil sa sakit. Wa epek ang mga emergency plans ko!!!"

I had serious realizations and I said a lot of prayers, both for Japan and for our country. I could just imagine how deeply pained the Japanese are yet they can still manage to be courteous, respectful and orderly. God bless them!


But you know, knowing me, my mind is 3/4 serious and 1/4 gaga. (Owwws?) Pinatest ko bakit ba! So a lot of weird things were included in my thought process. And that's what I want to share...

You see, we cannot deny the fact na kahit milya-milya ang layo natin from Japan, we will still feel some effects-in one way or another. There's of course the tsunami, a similar quake and now the radiation. So ano pa nga ba???

O yes, our favorite Japanese goodies might be banned due to radiation

Dahan-dahan silang dadami sa banned list but please Lord, wag naman to a point na magsara ang...

Favorite ko pa naman to!

This ban thing will surely bring down their now struggling economy. Pag nagkataon they will have to look for other sources of wealth...


But The Philippines will have difficulties too! First, we will lose our japan-japan-sagot-sa- kahirapan...

Hostos included, btw

Shempre takot na sila noh! Don't tell me willing pa sila gumiling-giling habang naliligo sa radiation! Well I wouldn't be surprised dahil ang motto ata ng pinoy ay KAPIT SA PATALIM!

Speaking of sexy girls, eto feel ko beki lang talaga makakarealize. With the recent catastrophe...

Wala na munang Ms. Japan sa Ms. Universe, Ms. World, Ms. International pati Ms. Earth!

That's what I think. In observance of their mourning. Pero HINDI PWEDE HINDI PWEDE HINDI PWEDEEEEEEEEE! (Affected much?)

Speaking of reverence...

Shout-out to all thrift-shoppers! Think twice before diving into our favorite pile of "vintage clothes" baka may curse na kasama yan parang multo sa kama or sa banga or singsing ni lola! Besides, they need this more than we do!

And while in the topic of clothes, this I am kinda thankful for...


Respeto lang naman. Most of them don't even have that small retaso to wear. Finally, boys,boys this is for you...


Kilabutan ka nga!!! Baka yang pinagpapantasyahan mo isa nang malamig na bangkay!!! Fine pwede na si Maria Ozawa bilang buhay naman siya according to her twitter.


Shucks ang hirap palang magpaka Madam Auring. Nakakapagod. With that, let us thank the Lord that we are all still alive!


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