Monday, March 28, 2011

Move over Chuckie! Quick Post

Babies are supposed to be cute. They are charming, adorable and irresistible. They say it's the innocence and as they gain more knowledge about the world, then they start becoming ugly. Choz. More like "human". So feeling ko when Adam bit into the forbidden fruit bigla siyang chumaka.

This is my nephew, Pio. Cute noh? Kagigil!!!

And so what if babies begin to frighten you instead? I saw this creepy video of babies singing as if haunting another baby's dreams.

Watch from start to end. Things start becoming scary at 1:45. Don't tell me I did not warn you...

CHUICE KO!!!!!! San kayo galing?? Exorcist?????

I'd choose Chuckie anytime!

Meanwhile on a completely different matter, eto pampatagal afraid. My friend Cai Subijano is joining this year's Binibining Pilipinas!

Pangarap ko rin to balang araw (bishosa!) pero habang di ko pa panahon, support muna ako!

Please visit THIS PAGE and make sure to click LIKE! GOW!!!

And of course don't forget to watch the Grand Coronation Night at 8PM. I hope there will be a live telelcast. Manonood ako with pen and paper para ma-note ko ang mga sagot sa question and answer.

Pio's photo courtesy of Paolo Villaba

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