Sunday, March 20, 2011


Long long time ago, Nostradamus predicted the coming of the Anti-Christ and the end of times...

Out of the country of Greater Arabia
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed...
He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.

Now, could he be the one?


Well according to Moammar Gadhafi after UN's go signal to do air strikes in Libya

"Moammar Gadhafi vowed in harrowing terms to crush the rebellion against him with “no mercy, no pity.”....“If the world is crazy,” he said, “we will be crazy, too.” He warned: “We will turn their lives into hell.” (Inquirer, March 19, 2011)

"Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Saturday threatened to attack military and civilian targets in the Mediterranean in retaliation for Western air and sea strikes on his country." (Inquirer, March 20, 2011)



I'm usually skeptical about predictions. But Nostradamus has so far been accurate in seeing Hitler, and the 9-11 etc. etc. So parang gusto kong maniwala...

Hmm maconfeerm nga kay...

Zenaida Seva aka SYZYGY!!!

Ay wag na, baka ang ibigay lang sa akin lucky color at lucky number! CHUICE!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone and let us not forget to include the world in our prayers!

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