Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love Bacon, but...

Disclaimer: No irreverence intended.

Welcome to the Loyola School of Theology! An institution that is both a home and place of learning for the Jesuits. It is where socially involved, morally upright and Christ-centered men are formed. Occasionally it is transformed to a relief center whenever any part of the country is hit by a calamity.

Recently my friends and I paid a visit to attend an event. It was actually my first time to go there
while the sun is still up.

The Facade.

I have this habit of carefully checking out a new place- down to the tiny details. Before coming in I noticed something on one of the windows. I mentally said...

Ang cute naman may mga heart heart pang decor! Valentines ang peg!

Focusing more on what I saw, JOSKOOOOO

Anong heart heart ang pinagsasabi ko jan?!?! Hindi yan heart!!!

Mind you, hindi lang siya ordinary. Eto ay isang...

You know I love bacon but this time parang di ko masabing YUM! CHUICE!

Again, I have so much admiration for the Jesuits- their open minds, discipline, and passion for their craft. I just found the situation funny. I'm sure kung sino man yun, di niya sinadyang ibalandra ang "delicates". Nagkataon lang na may mga gaya ko. (I meant pintasero, hindi becky!)

At least we know they really observe their vow of poverty. :P


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