Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hero Makeover!

One day my niece showed me a trick. I said "cool" and her reply was "Cool is for old people. It's AWESOME!!" Congratulations Koi, you are now considered an oldie!

Indeed, times have changed. That was reaffirmed when creators started giving some popular kiddie characters a makeover. Eto kasi pauso...

Girl, wag kang malandi, plezzz! Chuice!

Much to my surprise that even our beloved superheroes are being given the restyling and revamping that they allegedly need.

Sad to break it to you guys...


Oh well from an article I saw in Yahoo, "Superman has a new look... While the iconic superhero retains his dark mane and defined six pack, he now has a decidedly more emo vibe -- pale, leaner, and brooding."

"The new Man of Steel "wears hoodies" and "has smoldering eyes"; and as Clark Kent, he wears low-cut pants and skinny ties."

Meanwhile, Wonderwoman outfit is now "made up of a red top with the signature "WW" logo; a cropped blue biker jacket with white stars; and skin-tight navy blue pants and matching boots."



Bakit mukha siyang adik?!?! Seriously, he looks like a villain more than the hero. And what's with the eyes? Parang yung laruang dog na umiilaw yung mata sa Greenhills!! Meanwhile...

In fairness! Sleek! But wait, Encore ba ang punta mo, teh?

Well, as they say, looks don't actually matter. As long as their actions are for a good cause then they are still heroes. In fact, one need not save the world or die for something to be considered a hero. I remember what my boss and mentor, Coach Pia Acevedo always told us that everyone is born a hero.

And unleashing your inner hero could be done by simply committing to your own personal development .Through this, you could make a difference for yourself and for others.

Much of her thoughts on heroism as well as tools to discover your inner greatness are found on her book, Born to be a Hero

"Written for young individuals, Born to be a Hero offers a unique menu of guided activities towards making a difference in the world. It provides concrete ways, tips, motivating stories and skillfully crafted, easy-t0-do tools.

Born to Be a Hero revolutionizes the concept of heroism as commitment to your personal development. The book introduces the Hero Currency, which translates your actions, thoughts and skills into quantifiable points of heroism. The points are carefully logged into your hero gadgets, namely the Hero Passbook and Hero Calendar that help keep track of your progress in building your Hero Currency."

The book comes with a special access to the interactive website (, which features the engaging capabilities of popular social networking sites today, such as being able to connect with people, share your passions, celebrate victories, upload media files and gain access to the online store, additional exercises and worksheets, and your personal Hero page.

Here's a video of the author, Coach Pia Acevedo, talking about the book

For more information about the book, visit Copies will be available in all Metro Manila branches of Fully Booked beginning November 5.

Official launch will be on Nov 5, 7:30 PM at The Forum, Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. For inquiries call 4364143 or 09228954143.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Power Failure (no, not the blackout!)

Last night I posted the "humanity" of powerful and influential people in the world. Check this.

Looking at more images, I learned that the most notorious in having a picture taken in the weirdest expression would be non other than...

You got it right!!! Its, me Hillary Clinton!!!

Dubbed as the 5th Most powerful woman in the world, Hillary has played influential roles such as being America's First lady, New Yong Senator and now, US Secretary of State. In fact, she could have been America's first female president.

As they say, with great power comes great... FEZ. Chuice! Well it looks like Ateh Hil (CLOSE!!!) has a special power of distorting her face to do weird expressions! Even when she was a little younger...

Shet nineties na nineties tayo ah!

Well, one day...(Story is obviously fictional)

Secretary: Ma'am!!! Ma'am!! Nanalo po kayo sa Super Lotto 6/49!!!

Secretary: Opo maam!!! I swear! Ayan oh, 22-36-15-25-28-30!

Secretary: Uhm, excuse me po ma'am, I think its false alarm. Yung ticket pala na to, for yesterday's draw... (lagot)

Secretary: Ma'am sorry po! Di naman ako yung tumaya kahapon sa outlet sa kanto!

Fernalyn: Maaaaaaaaaaam sorrrrrreeeeeeeeeee naaaaa.....

Fernalyn: Eh kasi ma'am 12 years na kayong tumataya, never kayong nanalo so ako nang ang nagpalit baka sakali...
Hillary: HRRRRRR!!! Iinom nalang ako!!!!

In the bar...

Carlos: Excuse Ma'am but I think we should go home. We have a meeting with the president at 8 AM tomorrow...

The following day...

President: Uhm, are you ok? You remind me of someone I saw on HBO last night huh...


Shet sabaw! Goodnight! :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pagka't Sila'y Tao Lamang

I spent most of the long weekend in front of my laptop- reading blogs, catching up with some series and watching movies. Call me lazy but I think it was a perfect rest for me, less producing, more absorbing (napkin? Chuice!).

So this is the movie that kept me glued to the screen.

Pang-macho. SHET!

It's a classic so I don't mind if its all about guns and blood and overflowing testosterone. From the trilogy (though I have yet to watch part 3) I realized 2 things:

Al Pacino was kerreh when he was young hee hee hee. I repeat, when he was young. I don't dig gramps, ok?

2. Italian is such a beautiful language. I think I want to learn it in the future.

The movie also affirmed that prominence commands respect (or perhaps, fear) from people. When you rise to power people could suddenly treat you like a god. "Bowing" in your presence and obeying as you order. Sometimes we tend to forget that they are still humans who have certain weaknesses and downfalls.

One funny thing about people in power is when the camera captures their "humanity". Whether its a funny face or gesture, we realize that , Whoops, di sila perfect! HAHA Let me show you what I mean...

1. Pope Benedict XVI

Wheee! Mahangin po ba sa labas?

HAHAHA The Pope is so cute. Not to lose reverence, pero look oh, long lost twin!!!


2. Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo

Teh, masyado ka naman ata kinilig!!! Mejo mukha ka nang doggie. Di ka niya type noh! Sige ka...


3. Barrack Obama

Hinahamon mo ako!?! Uh! Ah! Wha! Chungk! Chak! Chyenzzzz!

4. Al Gore
True to his love for the environment, Al Gore refuses to use a toothpick to save on trees! Dila nalang daw pantinga! :D

5. Queen Elizabeth II

Kid: Esmyuskee Your Highness,
QE2: You're esmyus...
Kid: Ano daw favorite hobby ng mga hari
QE2: Ano daw?
Kid: eh di baKING!


6. Hillary Clinton

Ang korni-korni ng joke mo!!! Gusto kitang tirisin! Grrrrrrr!

Goodnight everyone! :D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

In the beginning...

Ever wondered where some of the famous artistas began? Well, we have heard of stories like getting discovered in the mall or going with someone to an audition and they got scouted instead. Others are luckier to "have" them in their blood as a relative of a celebrity. Some on the other hand, started young in various talent searches.

While looking around on YouTube, I found some videos of famous celebrities in their humble beginnings. Looking at where they are right now, you can see how much they have changed.

So sino sino ang mga yan aber? Well, lets see...

Rachelle Ann Go

In fairness teh, anong sabi ng braces mo??? HAHAHA At talagang medyo consistent ka sa piyok ever since? hee hee. So what has changed? Let's play spot the difference...

PinocchiA isdatchu???

Aiza Seguerra

Uy ang cute niya ah! And not to mention very witty! But wait RELAXXX! Kung makahalik kay Vic Sotto akala mo walang bukas!!! Look at how much she has changed now...

From lace to tattoo! And oh, so mukhang iba na ang mga trip niyang lamutakin!!!

Camille Prats

Sige sumayaw ka ng Lambada!!! Ke-bata-bata!!! Chuice! Honestly, not much changed. Except the height I guess. But the pez is freakishly the same

See? Pati lambada ginagawa pa rin ata niya dito! Chuice!

Oh this one I just learned today...

Pauline Luna!!!

Word of advice to mommies who want to force their daughters into these contests, HINDI CUTE ANG MGA BUNGI!!! For more, BUNGAL! Chez. She reminds me of...

Yes, this is Maricel Soriano in Vampira


Jericho Rosales

Ano daw?!?! Audiences, pRRRRoud son, jAdgement, Passen your seatbelts! BINGO!!!! Well, in all fairness to him, I think he has come a loooong way already! From a fish vendor in Marikina to am A-list star. From being a palito to this...

Yup! You've made it, dude!

TRIVIA: This post took me 2 hours to finish. Many thanks to Bench Uncut on ABS-CBN HAHAAH

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny (serrano) in the City

We may have heard of the line "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Well I guess so are funny things. At times, one person laughs about something and the other one won't. So kung natatawa kayo, magkawavelength tayo! Gusto mo yun? Chuice!

In some of my old posts, I shared pictures of odd things found around the metro. Well, there's more!!! Look's like the city will never lose things or occurrences that could perhaps make our hectic lives a little more bearable.

Spotted at The Collective, Malugay St., Makati


O diba? English speaking si Manong Fishball! Oo nga naman Mekeyti yun eh where corporate people and expats thrive so might as well acclimate. (*dugo)

But wait! Mejo bastos ata!!! May AHH pang nalalaman EEW. Uhm, kuya, kung may talagang kakain ng balls mo di ka kaya magsisi? CHUICE!!!!

Spotted at a bookstore


How ironic. Sophie Kinsella's Mini Shopaholic is a bestseller pero wait, nilalangaw sa Pilipinas? HAHA

The next pictures have been contributed by my friend Magel Thanks teh!


Kawawa naman ang pranelang eto. Parang masyadong diniin na siya ay isang FHAMUNAS! Pero in fair, at least siya branded. "Hindi lang ako basta-basta basahan, isa akong FAHMUNAS!"

Ok kahit flatnose ako, never mind! Jiahe gamitin! HAHA Ohmygod remember Cleopatra? The instant nose lift sold on TV? HAHA

I don't know where this is. Looks like a door of a delivery truck. I guess something very fragile is inside because you have to open it very carefully. Sobrang careful, MAKAKATULOG KA ZZZZ!

Move over Dove Cream Bar, heto na ang ultimate pampa-KERI! Echos lang. Cheese kasi to! At mahal siya ah!

Finally, I recently talked about artistas shifting careers. Well, well well guess who made the biggest leap! The Diamond Star in a major diamond peel...

Si Maria, Kahera na?!!?

Got funny pics? Send them over and get featured! Don't forget to leave your name and a little info about the images. Send them to YES, there's like that! (meganon!)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be Careful of the Make-up Tragedy!

When you say Hollywood, the first two words that come to my mind are glitz and glamor. Parang lahat dun magaganda, bawal panget. (Shet bagay na bagay ako dun. Chuice!) I believe the perfect picture of hollywood would be one of its famous icons, Audrey Hepburn.

WEW! Sorry na.

So when you are a Hollywood star, everyone expects you to look like a god or goddess- especially during events and awards nights. And because of that, people are always on the lookout for poor tastes and blunders. Yup, try showing up like this and magpipiyesta ang mga laitera! Chuice...

KATAKOT!!!!! Manilyn Reynes? Chez.

Apparently, it's not just Kelly Osbourne who came in like that. In the next few pictures you will realize that even the A-listers are guilty!

And because Halloween is coming up, why not pair your costume with an equally freaky muk-up to complete the look?

Imortal look


In fairness, napapanahon! If you want to come as an aswang or albularyo, why not try...

Lantang gulay look!

Jusko Jen! (Close?) Menopause ka na teh? Baka kelangan mo na ng...

Uy! Remember this?

If you want to be less of a sinner and more of a saint, come in with the

Sto Nino Look!

Fairness! Porcelain or ivory? Kulang nalang curly hair! Kung simpleng multo lang,

Sixth Sense look

Hmm I think someone needs to get over her role when she was younger! Speaking of younger days, try

Burnt Child look!!!

Teh, october na. Mejo malayo na ang summer ano? Honestly, I know someone with this fez. But I'm not evil so hush hush nalang. (Right, Magel? hee hee )

Well, eto naman, napaaga ata ang winter

NYARE?!?! Feel ko they played cards and then loser got powder on the face. Shet, isa lang ang guilty dito

*Evil grin

Lastly, remember this?

Well, dream come true for Eva Longoria!!

Akalain mo effective yun???

Everyone ready for Halloween?
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