Monday, October 25, 2010

Pagka't Sila'y Tao Lamang

I spent most of the long weekend in front of my laptop- reading blogs, catching up with some series and watching movies. Call me lazy but I think it was a perfect rest for me, less producing, more absorbing (napkin? Chuice!).

So this is the movie that kept me glued to the screen.

Pang-macho. SHET!

It's a classic so I don't mind if its all about guns and blood and overflowing testosterone. From the trilogy (though I have yet to watch part 3) I realized 2 things:

Al Pacino was kerreh when he was young hee hee hee. I repeat, when he was young. I don't dig gramps, ok?

2. Italian is such a beautiful language. I think I want to learn it in the future.

The movie also affirmed that prominence commands respect (or perhaps, fear) from people. When you rise to power people could suddenly treat you like a god. "Bowing" in your presence and obeying as you order. Sometimes we tend to forget that they are still humans who have certain weaknesses and downfalls.

One funny thing about people in power is when the camera captures their "humanity". Whether its a funny face or gesture, we realize that , Whoops, di sila perfect! HAHA Let me show you what I mean...

1. Pope Benedict XVI

Wheee! Mahangin po ba sa labas?

HAHAHA The Pope is so cute. Not to lose reverence, pero look oh, long lost twin!!!


2. Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo

Teh, masyado ka naman ata kinilig!!! Mejo mukha ka nang doggie. Di ka niya type noh! Sige ka...


3. Barrack Obama

Hinahamon mo ako!?! Uh! Ah! Wha! Chungk! Chak! Chyenzzzz!

4. Al Gore
True to his love for the environment, Al Gore refuses to use a toothpick to save on trees! Dila nalang daw pantinga! :D

5. Queen Elizabeth II

Kid: Esmyuskee Your Highness,
QE2: You're esmyus...
Kid: Ano daw favorite hobby ng mga hari
QE2: Ano daw?
Kid: eh di baKING!


6. Hillary Clinton

Ang korni-korni ng joke mo!!! Gusto kitang tirisin! Grrrrrrr!

Goodnight everyone! :D

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