Monday, October 18, 2010

May Halloween Costume Ka Na?

So it's two weeks before Halloween and it looks like the city is keeping up. Proof:

1. Halloween decors in malls
2. Trick or treat in villages
3. ANG DAMING PEZ. katakot. Chuice! Ganda ko eh!

Well, even Glee has joined the bandwagon! For this week's episode they are doing the Rocky Horror Show!

HOMAYGOD. I'm not familiar with the Rocky Horror Show but what's sending chills down my spine are the abs-sightings HAHA PAKALANDEE!

Anyhoo, shempre uso din ang Halloween parties. Following the tradition, people wear scary outfits but as time went by, naging pa-cute nalang ang halloween. If not, slutty. So allow me to make some suggestions

1. Cartoon Characters

O diba? Perfect scare for kids who love watching cartoons! Tingnan natin kung sinong hindi bangungutin niyan. hahah

Si Spongebob actually nakakagago. But the teletubbies are freaky!!! Habulin ka ni Tinky Winky gusto mo???

And tweety bird?

Sarap to the bones! Chuice!

2. "Security" items

When we are afraid of something we turn to our blankets, pillows and teddy bears. So why not come in a horror version of them? Tamang psycho torture lang

3. Scary people

Ok so hindi to joking matter but you could just imagine how you will terrify people if you come as Andal Ampatuan or drive around like Jason Ivler. Wag lang masaydong karir ang looks kasi baka masaktan ka ng di oras.

4. Philippine Horror.

YEHES Sariling atin! Pero shempre dahil party to, dapat glamorous! Thanks to looklet, i've recreated some of them... with added flair of course!

White lady

O diba? Feeling ko pag eto ang rumampa sa Balete drive lahat ng driver ganito ang mukha


Black Lady

Taray lang! Sorry but she reminds me of

Bale...ang tunay na black lady. Chuice!
(Bawal kumontra ang Glutamax, okey?!)


Mukhang dracula pero pwede na rin. haha


Shet fierce! In fairness pwede siyang chess piece. Horse and warrior in one. Wa say si

Mylene Dizon??!?!?! Chez.

So now, take your pick! Who's your Halloween Queen?

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