Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kung Sila'y Mahal Mo, MAGPLANO!!!

By now, everyone has heard of issues related to the RH Bill. We have protests, excommunication threats, and Damaso. I guess the latest would be the Department of Health's (DOH) plan to buy Php 2M worth of condoms.

Quoting an Inquirer Article by Maila Ager:

"The Department of Health has set aside P400 million for the purchase of natural and artificial means of family planning, including two million condoms to be distributed next year, Health Secretary Enrique Ona said Wednesday.

Ona made the disclosure when he defended before the Senate finance committee the department's proposed budget of P32.6 billion for 2011."

Interesting noh? I wonder where they will get all the supply? Swerte naman ng manufacturers considering there are only quite a few brands in the market.

With all this Reproductive Health trend, I believe marketing groups from various consumer products should start taking advantage. Why not sponsor a few thousand condoms, brand it, donate to DOH and voila! Instant non-traditional promotions!

Kung inyong mamarapatin, allow me to make some suggestions:

If you want something action-oriented...

Sakay na! Talagang trip kita!

If you are looking EXTRA action...

Twist it, lick it, dunk it! (AYOKO NITO, HARSH!!!)

If you want extra assurance...

Subok na matibay, subok na matatag (Ay pano sinubukan?!?!)

For those who couldn't keep it up!

It won't let you down!

Love eating?

Dito kumakain ang masarap kumain!

And if you love it extra flavorful...

Nanunuot ang sarap!

For our vital lolo...

Softee! Also a toughie!

For those who lack the drive...

Ang all around pampagana!

Pero kung umaapaw ka sa gana...

Kung OA ka na sa gana...

Sarap to the bones! ( UY RELAX!!! BRUTAL MUCH?!?!)

And of course, if you love the environment...

Pitong beses man gamitin, golden pa rin! ( YUUUUUUCK!!!)

Well, whatever condom you use, it could only remind us of its simple yet very important purpose...



  1. san mo nakukuha tong energy na to ha?? haha.

  2. ^ Umo-All Around Pampagana siya.

    Gaga ka, Koi! hahha

  3. @anonymous: enveron: more energy mas happy. chuice!
    @magel: IKR! aminadong gaga?


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