Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be Careful of the Make-up Tragedy!

When you say Hollywood, the first two words that come to my mind are glitz and glamor. Parang lahat dun magaganda, bawal panget. (Shet bagay na bagay ako dun. Chuice!) I believe the perfect picture of hollywood would be one of its famous icons, Audrey Hepburn.

WEW! Sorry na.

So when you are a Hollywood star, everyone expects you to look like a god or goddess- especially during events and awards nights. And because of that, people are always on the lookout for poor tastes and blunders. Yup, try showing up like this and magpipiyesta ang mga laitera! Chuice...

KATAKOT!!!!! Manilyn Reynes? Chez.

Apparently, it's not just Kelly Osbourne who came in like that. In the next few pictures you will realize that even the A-listers are guilty!

And because Halloween is coming up, why not pair your costume with an equally freaky muk-up to complete the look?

Imortal look


In fairness, napapanahon! If you want to come as an aswang or albularyo, why not try...

Lantang gulay look!

Jusko Jen! (Close?) Menopause ka na teh? Baka kelangan mo na ng...

Uy! Remember this?

If you want to be less of a sinner and more of a saint, come in with the

Sto Nino Look!

Fairness! Porcelain or ivory? Kulang nalang curly hair! Kung simpleng multo lang,

Sixth Sense look

Hmm I think someone needs to get over her role when she was younger! Speaking of younger days, try

Burnt Child look!!!

Teh, october na. Mejo malayo na ang summer ano? Honestly, I know someone with this fez. But I'm not evil so hush hush nalang. (Right, Magel? hee hee )

Well, eto naman, napaaga ata ang winter

NYARE?!?! Feel ko they played cards and then loser got powder on the face. Shet, isa lang ang guilty dito

*Evil grin

Lastly, remember this?

Well, dream come true for Eva Longoria!!

Akalain mo effective yun???

Everyone ready for Halloween?

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