Monday, August 30, 2010

Odd things everywhere!

I've been around the city this long weekend. From a posh mall, to the local supermarket and even to the "thrift shops" in Anonas (HEH! Ukay-ukay kasi!) Looking around I found things that made me giggle or laugh. I took a few photos so that I may be able to share them with you :)

Spotted at Eastwood Mall. NAKAW-PROOF ANG TISSUE!!!

Some people can't really be disciplined. Establishments have to do something in order to prevent silly things from happening such as having tissue stolen. Well kung trip mo talaga then you can pull the roll again and again until you are sure that only the core is left hahah. I think alam ko kung sinong guilty dito...

Meanwhile sa ukay-ukay...

O diba??? Wanna be famous? HAHA. Guilting-guilty si kuya o!. And winner sina ate, pretending to be innocent!

Di ko gets. Pinipilipit ba ang sapatos??? I'm thinking baka Huwag pilitin isukat ang sapatos? I can just imagine someone trying to force his/her feet into the shoe...

In Greenhills...

What is booty-licious! HAHA EXAGG AH! I think they are trying to show that the leggings are super stretchable kasya lahat pati si

Finally, at WalterMart beside the village...

Dream mo ba talaga maging ganito kaputi??? Katakot ah!HAHAHA


This is really weird! I dunno what else Ms. Earth is endorsing. Hmm pati kaya eto?




  1. Koi, wag mo muna i-judge ang "shoplifters." They haven't had their day in court and yet, naka-balandra na ang (profile) pics nila! Paging Margie Lim: tell 'em their RIGHTS!
    Next: For me, the direct translation of "H'wag pilitin isukat ang sapatos" would be "Don't argue w/ me: you CANNOT try the shoes on!" Gets koi? Hehe

  2. @pia: hahaha at nagets ko lang talaga when we saw each other :P


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