Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Other Side of Disney Princesses (First of 2 parts)

Girls and wannabee-girls all had their share of the Disney dream- that is to be a princess. For generations, we have been enchanted by charming ladies each with exciting adventures and fairytale romances.

Gaganda o!

I think Disney princesses have several things in common. First they all had castles. Malamang, princess nga sila diba?

They have their own kontrabida

Ang fierce ni Ursula! Reminds me of...


They can all sing. Well, except for Snowhite. Manipis ang lalamunan and manginig.

And of course, they all had their share of the male species.

In fairness ha, kung sa karne pa, PRIME CUTS.

Among all the Disney princesses, my favorite is Aurora or Sleeping Beauty for several reasons:
1. She has 3 fairy godmothers
2. I love sleeping all day HAHA
3. She's pretty. Nakakarelate ako...
4. Prince Phillip is kerreh
5. Prince Phillip is yumashita.


Anyhoo, they are all sweet, charming, gracious and very elegant. But what if they were a little more kinky, naughty and less nice? I came across some pictures that feature our favorite girls channeling their temptress side.

Cinderella, shoe lang ang iniiwan ha!!! Wag lahat ng damit!

SNOWHITE, EEEEW!!! Akitin mo nga ang dwarf! Taste mo ah, EXOTIC! And what did you do to Prince Charming? Did you just kill him or are you saving him for a threesome? Ayoko iimagine!

Ok Little Red Riding Hood is not a Disney princess but oh no. Bestiality much??? Isa ka pa sa taste mo ah!

And so is Rapunzel. Pero creative ka! Gamitin mo nga hair mo para ipang-gapos! Literally, HABA NG HAIR!

In my next post we shall explore Disney princesses gone wrong- with their fairy tales nonexistent and they are introduced to some of the world's harsh realities. Watch out for that!

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