Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disney Princesses Made More Modern and Fashown!

Modern princesses are completely different from what we see in cartoon shows.



I'm sorry, I guess I have this Disney Princess craze lately but promise, this is going to be my last! For the week, at least.

But yeah, we have seen versions of Ariel, Jasmine and the rest of the gang. But have you seen them in modern fashionable clothes? Have you seen them in an attitude that is far from what we normally observe?

Thanks to Looklet (you should try this during idle times!) I've recreated the Disney princesses as new age women while still staying true to some elements of their respective identities. Effort to gawin ah so enjoy!!!

Let the show begin!

First in line...

Looks like Little Red Riding Hood is heading to the forest for another objective than to visit granny! Here kitty kitty! Chuice!

Snowhite basks under the sun for a summer picnic! Namiss daw niya ang mga dwarf so gusto niya magpinic sa gubat!

Cinderella turns to Gap as her fairy godmother! With a denim jumper, white shirt and Louboutin heels she goes from helper to head-turner!

Timid Aurora explodes into a rock princess! With nightly gigs and mosh pits someone could be losing sleep now. Ok lang bongga naman siya kung matulog. 48 years!

Ariel takes on water anew! Tired of the open sea, little mermaid chooses to cool down by the pool in a bandeau and delicate lace. Meganon?

Definitely no longer a provincial lass, Belle conquers the city in a mini skirt fur scarf and Zanotti pumps. Jusko teh, ano nalang ang sasabihin ni Mrs Potts?

For the finale

Someone's ready for a chic Arabian Night! Jasmine looks enchanting in a blue dress, turquoise turban and layers of bling. (from her dowry. Chez)


Just received a call from someone familiar

Kfuh! Next time!

I'm thinking, let's do a party with a modern Disney princess theme? You like?! I do! Game!

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  1. i love the Ariel look koi!!! syet galing mong stylist in fairness!

    at i ako sa party!haha.


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