Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dressing it the Ms. Universe Way! (3rd of 4 parts)

You may have known that the Philippines held the title of Ms. Universe only twice. First was in 1969 when the crown was brought home by Gloria Diaz

O diba?Kebs lang daw niya ang mga astronauts

Four years later Margarita Moran won in Athens, Greece.

Wow she was actually labeled as the Onassis of the Philippines. Shushal!

Since 1963 we had a long drought of Ms. Universe winners. We were close to winning when Miriam Quiambao cinched 1st runner up in 1999. We'll she may have been noticed because of her gracious fall. Papansin ka teh? Joke lang!

O poised kung poised!

Will we win this time? I don't know. All I know is that this is part 3 and I have more comments coming hahaha!


Ms. Puerto Rico

I can't exactly tell what the dress looks like but notice how it hugs her shapely form perfectly. Ay ang manyak ata nun! Well, the I love the red shade which complemented her blond locks. She looked regal in the drop earrings too.

Ms. Trinidad and Tobago

I love how black was homogeneously (nosebleed...) mixed with gold. The fabric also made the dress dreamy and dramatic. She looks like a modern Cleopatra if not for her hair na parang dinilaan ng kalabaw. Chuice!

Ms. Romania

I do not get the squares on her boobs, her ornate belt and that weird cut of the dress. And what is that??? Are you hiding a leopard inside??? haha

Ms. Singapore

The fuschia looks kinda cheap, not to mention the peek-a-boo. And is it just me or mukha siyang bading? Ay, and the pose, parang "Good mawnin kohya! Had fun last night?"

Ms. Switzerland

FULL LACE TALAGA??? Excuse me but she looks like a poon. Please. My lola wore the same thing when she was Hermana of the Santa Cruzan. Minus the slit. (Sana lang!)


Round 1

Ms. USA. Afraid!! I heard kasama niya sa Thing.

Round 2

Ms. Uruguay. Aaaaahhh! Refreshing! Che.

Round 3

Ms. Tanzania. Uy uso yan dati!!! Yung iba naka-braid pa!

Round 4

Ms. Thailand. Under the sea! Under the sea! Hanap ka na ni...

Round 5

Ms. Bolivia. Healthy mo naman teh!

6 more days!!!

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