Monday, August 16, 2010

Dressing it the Ms. Universe Way! (2nd of 4 parts)

8 days to go before the crowning of the new Ms. Universe! If you do not know it yet, the current title holder is Ms. Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez

Ganda ka?

Trivia: She was crowned last year in the Islands of the Bahamas at 18 years old. What is bata? Also, the crown was handed over to her by Dayana Mendoza who is likewise a Venezuelan. This made Stefania a Guinness record holder for being the first Ms. Universe crowned by a compatriot (Wikipedia). O diba? Say?

This year, Venezuela's bet is Marelisa Gibson
Mukhang may laban!

Anyhoo, going back to our usual segments. Hits, Misses and the Fashion Face-offs!

Ms. Cyprus

I love the color. Obviously blue is my favorite color. The gown is simple as it has no embellishments. But look at how the dress flows! It had the perfect combination of heavy and light fabric adding drama to the plain cut.

Ms. Korea

Unlike Cyprus, Korea went fashionably overboard. Anik-anik to the max! Very Korean actually. What I liked about the dress was how it was softened by the sheer fabric of the "skirt". I'm not just quite sure about the kita-legs slit. Kinda high and slutty.


Ms. Haiti

JUST WHAT IS THIS? It's a BRA meets CORSET meets BUFFET TABLE CLOTH disaster! And what's with the pose? Looks like she's got a dislocated right hip! HAHA

Ms. Ireland

Ateh, nagtitipid kayo? In fairness, swimsuit and evening gown in one! I guess inspired by


Ms. Norway

Ok the dress looks nice... FOR KING ARTHUR THE MOVIE! Ay di to costume party ah!


Round 1

Ms. Lebanon. Pang- Fire prevention month!

Round 2

Ms. Panama. Uy favorite ni Spongebob yan!

Round 3

Ms. Peru. So ikaw ang nagnakaw ng Christmas Decors sa bahay??? Chez

Round 4

Ms. Slovak Republic. Stiff naman!

Round 5

Ms. Finland and Ms. Nicaragua. No copying kase! Yan tuloy!!!

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