Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is the ultimate showdown! Disney Princesses versus Disney Villains on the runway! Thanks to, I have recreated our beloved villains and transformed them into sexy, edgy and definitely more fierce modern ladies.

Tuhmuh, pati si Gaston, Jafar and Big Bad Wolf!! HAHAHA

Are you ready? Well before that, have you noticed that most villains had purple/violet and black theme? I dunno but I just realized that while doing the content for this post. Anyway, here we go!

Well well well look at Ursula, mawawalan ng boses si Ariel sa inggit!

Girly Gaston prefers ruffles and plaid tights over lumber and beer nights...

Maleficent is ready for war with Sleeping Beauty... in her red stilettos (Victoria Valera much???Chez)

Tired of the forest, Big bad she-wolf tours around the zoo.

Sheeet! Mga hayop ang punterya! Afraaaaaaid!

Queen Gremhilde (Yes, yun ang pangalan ni Evil Queen) will definitely be the APPLE of someone's eyes.

Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's stepmom) decides to run a corporation and not a manor.

Well, looks like Jafar will not be chasing Aladdin for the lamp this time. In fact, Aladdin might be the one chasing instead.

Ay tara habulan tayoooooooooooooo! Chuice!

Anyway, as I said this is a showdown. And YOU will be the judge!!! I will be showing you the princess and the villain and a poll under it! Polls close on Wednesday September 1 10:00 PM!

Don't forget to vote! Again, polls will be closed on Wednesday, September 1 10:00 PM!


  1. koi, mas maganda yung pagkagawa mo sa villains. hahaha...biased.:P

  2. bumoto ako haha top 3 ko si little red riding hood, aurora and queen gremhilde :P

    at ngayon ko lang nalaman ang name ng queen. katunog niya ang gremlin haha

  3. @bettina: HAHAHA in fair walang bias yun! based talaga yun sa actual outfits hahha

    @ping: dumadami din siya pag nababasa. chuice!

  4. I'm "surprised" that most of my votes went to the heroines. My taste is changing?? BTW neck-and-neck sila Jasmine and Jafar sa votes ha.
    Great activity, Koi-boi... or should I say CREATIVITY!
    Oh, btw... GOD BLESS!

  5. Love it, Koi! Ako na lang mowdel mo! Chuice! (HAHAHA, yes, natututo, HAHAH! :P)


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