Friday, August 13, 2010


Ok we all know what's so "special" about this day...


Well yeah, its the time of the year when Jason lurks around and finds his next prey.In fairness madami-dami na siyang naataack. From Friday the 13th I up to its latest installment which is the 12th, naka bingo na si Jason. But it looks like he's up for more so be careful not to go out alone tonight. Otherwise...


It's so interesting that pinoys are naturally gaya-gaya. If one has a new thing, give it a few weeks then everyone will have the same item too. Or just like the mais vendors in Katipunan. I'm sure only one person started it, now, tabi-tabi na sila.

So I'm not surprised if even in horror films, there are some knockoffs too.

Looks familiar? See picture above. Grabe madre talaga???

This was taken from Shake Rattle and Roll which like Friday the 13th, NAPAKARAMI NA!!!

I remember Cinema One having an SRR Marathon for halloween. It took a full day! To think each movie is composed of 3 stories, ang dami talaga. I'm thinking are they all available in torrent? Dati takot ako but now, I think its cool to download them all and laugh at all the bad make-up and low budget special effects!

Speaking of madami, eto pa rin ang nangunguna sa dami. Still kicking at Season 26...

scary din sila.

Pero do you gurls have room for one more???


Off to celebrate friday the 13th! Baboo!

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