Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who is the Pinoy Martha Stewart?

We interrupt our string of Ms. Universe posts by this very explosive announcement...

The Philippines has found its very own Martha Stewart! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???

Sino naman to aber?

According to Lifestyle Network Channel head, Tippy Benedicto, "We’d been on the lookout for our very own Martha Stewart, someone whom the local viewers could relate to and whose way of doing things could easily be done here using local materials"

And that lady who, like Martha, is so into food, home, interiors and crafts is...


Well, according to Benedicto, “She fit the bill perfectly. She reads all these books and watches the Lifestyle Network programs of Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray and Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa). She’s passionate about these shows and says she learns so much from them and applies what she learns to her day-to-day life.” KFOYN.

Well, I guess they really do have several similarities. First would be the looks...

From a young age

Notice the baba
To the motherly stage

Notice the weight. Chez.
To well, a costume rage?


Also, they both married young. Sharon at 19 with Gabby Concepcion while Martha at 20 with Andrew Stewart. Both marriages collapsed later on.

When they both got into a scandal, they showed the world how rich and powerful they were through the Hermes Birkin on their arms.

Sharon carried hers in the airport from Hong Kong after the alleged fight with Senator Kiko. According to reports the bag costs over Php 2Million. Martha paraded hers at she faced court trials for fraud and obstruction of justice.

So you see, Sharon could perhaps do a Martha in the Philippines. I really can't tell but surely aabangan ko yan.


May involvement din sila sa mga aso...

Ay! Joke lang!

Miss Universe part 3 resumes tomorrow!

Source: ABS-CBN news.com

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