Thursday, August 5, 2010

[Flisht] Pagkaing Bata

When I was young, I would consider myself "laman ng sari-sari store". Everyday I would drop by the one 2 houses away from ours to check out the latest candy or chichirya available.

I remember one time when I had no yaya and my parents had to leave so they left me in that sari-sari store for the whole day. It felt like heaven on earth! (OA) Kuha lang nang kuha so my mom ended up paying for a lot of junk food. What is masiba! So yeah, I really love eating. I think I am orally fixated (AY BASTOS! Chuice.) but I never grew fat because for obvious reasons, all I ate was junk.

I listed down several of those candies and chichirya I loved. I guess you are familiar with some of them too...

Can I just say ang jeje ng swits? I used to eat this a lot and fooled myself that I'm healthy because I eat orange all the time. It's funny that this is kinda difficult to find in the supermarkets but you can buy them easily in bus stations. Hoarding much???

Ay favorite ko to! My mouth has room for 5 of these. I think my mouth is really big. Or lumaki na lang siya sa kaka-nguya ng bubble gum.

Open wiiiiiiiiiiide!

Of course, I think we all like this gum because of...

May ala Madame Auring pa na fortune!

Don't they look adorable??? I used to think each color was a different flavor. And I eat the icing only. I throw the cookie part away. Or feed them to the dogs

Isa pa toh. Akala ko iba-ibang flavor. Kunyari favorite ko pa yung pink kasi strawberry. Ay Confeeeeermed!

My mom banned Whistle Joy at home because it was such a noisy candy! I thought it was the most ingenious candy ever invented. It looked cute blowing it before apparently mukha ka nang engot kung malaki ka na! See?

I used to buy packs of this. Masarap kung sinisip-sip with a straw. Weird kung dissolved in water. Wag ka lang masyadong gahaman in sipping kundi uubuhin ka!

This sugar coated peanut candy usually came with a free gold ring! Sosyaaaaal! Then I would put foil on top para parang diamond ring! Maarte lang.

This tastes good pero MABAHO!!! Smelled like jebs especially the mexican cheese flavor. Pweh!

ItalicIt's funny that you have to suck it out. Some kids even use their teeth to pull the chocolate paste up. Tapos in the middle of enjoying it may lalapit na friend, "pwede pahingi??" HELLO OK KA LANG?!?!?!Italic
I think most of them are still available until now. One of these days, I will buy them all and be a kid again.

Bawal humingi. bleeeeeeh! Childish? Or magpapa-kiddie party ako at eto ang laman ng loot bag! Chyeh!

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