Tuesday, August 3, 2010

(BLANK) wants to be friends on Facebook

In my recent post, I shared something about getting mysterious friend requests on Facebook. Read related post here. I thought mine was a special case (feeling?) but it turned out, some of my friends had same concerns too.

I still get these requests and I took the time to check out their profiles. Note: I do not mean to criticize them, its just that some details were out of this world and plain hilarious :P

First on the list

Ok that's my mom. HAHAHA This is actually her second account. Looks dubious kasi walang profile pic. But that's really her. Wala naman siguro siyang poser noh??? Well I don't want to add her yet because I'm too lazy to fix my account. Considering what my friends tag me to, and my mom's snooping tendencies, NAKAKATAKOT!!!

Sidekwento: She once looked at my twitter account through her office mate who follows me and she texted me about my tweet on "cutie nurses at makati med"



Yes naman, sporty!!! Eyelovette!!! And he has 6 friends only? Well, baka naman anti-social siya. And who is JUNDIL PORZO as employer??? Whoever that person is, has no fb account and is not at all google-able hahah



Take note: she is from ISTANBUL!!! Baka friend niya to...

AY! Magagalit si Ruffa!


This really got me thinking. In fairness we had mutual friends who were credible and believable! She was my classmate in Math 18 back when I was a freshman but we never had long conversations. Hi hello nga lang ata eh. So I'm doubting if the account is true hahah

Oh well, add them or not, it all boils down to whether you will use facebook to establish more interaction with them. But yeah, keep them coming! It's bringing me a little more laughter everyday!

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