Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MAJOR ba kamo?

Ok so most of you know the results and the happenings in today's Ms. Universe pageant. And while I have to catch the replay on Velvet at 10 PM tonight to get a better experience (I watched via livestreaming this morning with Spanish commentators in the background) allow me to say a few words. Meganon?

Oh well, we are all aware of the fate of our very own Venus Raj. Now everyone is catching on the "MAJOR MAJOR" trend going on.

She came in as a very strong contender in the contest. And I must admit there is a certain panghihinayang because I believe that she is an intelligent woman hence she could have done a better job in answering the question.

Well kung meron mang na-disappoint, isa na siguro si...

MAJOR General Douglas MacArthur

Pero hello naman, magkaka-jitters ka talaga because:

1. It was a huge crowd
2. I believe she was under some huge pressure to excel
3. Her gown was silky. Manipis yun at MALAMIG

Iimik ka pa ba???. Chuice!

Oh well, she may not have taken the crown home this year but being 5th is already a MAJOR achievement! (Major major kapag siya ang nanalo!) With this, I think she deserves our admiration. In fact pagdating niya dapat may banda at may...


Once again, Filipinos have proven that we have something to be proud of. And this is not just something to cover up for the hostage blunder because it was indeed a reality that we have to face and solve.

Comment lang, I wished Venus could have worn her hair loose. Look oh, it would soften her features a little more


I guess eto ang shampoo niya. Forward to 0:35-0:37


Ok back to watching the replay!

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