Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dressing it the Ms. Universe Way! (4th of 4 parts)

When Venezuela was crowned last year she wore this very valuable crown

Before I thought the crowns they give are those made from the pwet ng baso just like in your Ms Talipapa. Later did I realize the crown is made up of real diamonds and it costs over a hundred thousand dollars. The real crown gets passed on while a replica is left with the former queen.

Last year Ms. Universe decided to jump into the green bandwagon by presenting a crown composed of man-made diamonds. Created by Diamond Nexus Labs, the gemstones are all synthesized in clean labs using environmentally affable processes, making Diamond Nexus Labs conflict-free. They are shaped with no toxic byproducts or pollutants. The stones are near faultless optical matches to the finest D color, internally flawless diamonds, but cost a portion of the price. (source) Ok you lost me at affable...

Last year the world was presented with 3 crowns to choose from through voting.

Looking at the picture above, it's the peace crown that won (right, bottom)

Who gets to wear the crown next? I don't know. All I know is that this is the 4th and last part of Ms. Universe evening gowns! haha

Ms. Spain's gown is classic and very elegant. Very spanish feel actually. The gray-olive color isn't a favorite but she carried it well. The white lace looks dainty too.

Of course, Ms. Philippines! I'm not really a fan of the dress but look at how she carried it! F-I-E-R-C-E!!! Surprisingly the bright orange suited her complexion quite well!


Ms. Aruba. ANO YAN? Kulang kayo sa tela teh? Half long gown lang yan ah! In fairness, from behind its an evening gown. From the front, its "I'm partying till midnight!" look haha

Isa ka pa! Why is there a shortage of fabric in this pageant??? Eh kung gupitin ko yang silver chain mo? Ay ang manyak nun!


Round 1

Ms. China. Who on earth chose that for you? Paki-sauli naman SM Department Store Our Home Section. Thanks!

Round 2

Ms. Curacao. *Enter Sharon Cuneta* Kita-kits sa Mcdo...

Round 3

Ms. Costa Rica. Takbooooooooooooo ayan na ang aswaaaaaaang!!!

Round 4

Ms. Botswana. Introducing Ms. Talipapa in her recycled costume! Chuice!

2 days to go! Will there be live streaming somewhere???


  1. the live streaming should be available here:

  2. Hi Bonnie! Cool!!! Thanks! Now I'm thinking about multi-tasking tomorrow morning! HAHA


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