Monday, August 23, 2010

New Killer Vehicles of the Philippines?

Back in Davao I love riding the bus. It was a blessing when I reach the highway just in time for the bus to pass by because it was aircon and I did not have to share a jeepney with pails of fish. Kadireee. My family would take a 12-hour bus ride too when we visit my Dad's hometown in Biliran

You see, a bus experience is wonderful especially when its cold and when there's a DVD player. Basta hindi tagalog action movie ah! But buses in the metro are different.

Yup, they are smoke belchers and they squeeze you along EDSA like you squeeze cheese pimento in a pandesal. WHAT. Lately, they have been through much bad light.

They get bombed

They fall off the cliff

They even kill a Bb. Pilipinas

And now they play host to a saddening hostage drama.With this, I think buses are the new killer vehicles of the Philippines. Oh no ano nalang ang sasabihin ni...

Claire dela fuente!!!

Shucks baka eto nalang ang bus na sasakyan ko...


Anyway, this is really a depressing day for the Philippines. Once again, the international community is raising their eyebrows at us in terms of trade and tourism. I pity those Pinoys abroad who may be treated differently after this situation.

Oh well, as the saying goes, when God closes the door...

He opens a window!

Good luck to Venus Raj tomorrow! May you bring home the crown and help make the Philippines proud again!

On a serious note, I pray that we continue the pride of being Filipinos. We have been through quite a lot yet we are still alive and we never cease to achieve in various fields.


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