Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yes, Disney Villains HAVE PINOY TWINS!

I am proud to say that I am a fan of Pinoy films. When I was young, I would stay up a little late on Monday nights just to watch Regal Films Presents where they show old and a little more recent Tagalog movies produced by well, Regal Films.

Blame the said TV program, I am kinda well-versed with Filipino showbiz personalities. EXCUSEEES! From the bidas like Nora Aunor to contrabidas like Bella Flores and from the royalties like Vilma Santos to the has-beens like...uhm... Bunny Paras. Nyare?

Speaking of silver screen villains remember the "phone call" I got recently?

Well madam, eto na fuh!

If you are familiar with pinoy contrabidas, well you may have noticed that some Disney villains look like them. PROMISE. And not just because they play the same role of tormenting poor ladies but some facial features are really similar.

You wanna see? But before that, just a little favor. If you guys know them personally wag niyo ako isumbong please!!!! I look to them with respect for their craft and talent. Thanks!!!:D

Let's begin...

Ok you have seen this already but I just had to repeat. O ha, wala siyang tentacles pero dinaan niya sa hairstyle!

O diba? As far as I can remember Chin-chin has always been a contrabida. I believe this picture was taken for her soap Maging Sino ka Man where she played an exemplary role as Corazon Roxas- Berenguer. (ALAM???)

Hair pa lang Cruella De Ville na! Not to mention the frilly top, the high eyebrows and the pout. Kulang na lang dalmatian!

This is cute! In terms of the face, it's kinda far except perhaps for the skin complexion. But look at the crow and the hand, mas magkamukha sila! haha

Remember her? Well she's Odette Khan a.k.a Dona Trining from Valiente (Hi Magel!) Pinagbiyak na bunga. Chuice!

The last person isn't exactly a contrabida but she kinda looks like him (Ano daw??!?) Anyway here it goes...

Kabog! Chuice!

Hmm in fairness, doing this was challenging but it was kinda fun. I'll try to look around for some more :) hihi

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  1. Ang galing Koi! Bilib ako! It was really nice reading and looking at this one... wala ka bang magagawa para kay Bella Flores at Lucita Soriano? Faves ko yang mga yan for kontrabida roles. :)


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