Monday, August 2, 2010

Exclusive:Remembering Tita Cory


I was privileged to get passes to the commemoration of Cory Aquino's First Death Anniversary- thank you to Mika Millar and Boom Enriquez.

It's surprising that it has been a year since she passed away. Much words were used to describe her: hero, mother, icon of democracy, even saint. But for me, she was simply a genuine person-a disposition that is very difficult to achieve.

This is Cory Magic.

Tim and I got to LaSalle Greenhills at around 8 AM. Well, the exclusive passes came with a "price" which is to volunteer for the foundation. Not bad at all considering this rare opportunity.

Checking-in. ANG AGAAAAAAAA.

Tasks were relatively easy. We started with sticking "reserved" labels on some seats, cutting tickets and peeling stickers until this...
Yes. Kaya ko talagang buhatin to.

I could not believe a friend who knew me well asked me to carry this from gate to the gym. (Hi Mika! Nag-iinarte lang. mwah!) But well, I did! And I swear, I felt like I've been through this after.


Oh well, the guests were a mixture of Philippine politics, show business and high society. In all fairness, they were gracious and cordial. Political foes shook hands and the socialites made beso-beso (conyo ka???) Yet despite all being high profile, everyone's head turned when one person walked into the ramp. Sorry not one of the Aquino family but him...

Oy di naman siya naka-ganyan. Wish lang nating lahat!

Funny because the first few who took courage and asked him for a picture were a group of matronly socialites. Pati alta may jeje side din pala!

Anyway, the program started a little late. Guess who we all waited for!

Ok kidding. I really don't know why he was a little late.

When P'Noy came, drums rolled and a "fiesta song" was played. Then a voice over blared "Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the Republic of the Philippines..." I don't know if that's protocol pero MEGANOOOOOOON?

There was a program to present the People Power People which I did not really pay attention to because I was eating downstairs. I went up just in time for the unveiling of the marker which took us back to the 1986 Presidential elections.

One more funny thing. While this was being unveiled, some weird horror song was playing and colorful lights were blinking. Parang crossbreed ng halloween and Christmas! Again, ItalicMEGANOOOOON?

Mass started and everyone fell silent and solemn.
Then PNoy gave his message

What a lousy picture!

Stayed up for the free volunteer's lunch (what is palamunin:p) and then left to go ukay-ukay.

It was truly an event worth remembering :) Again, thank you for this great opportunity! I did not mind the little sweat (and blood? joke!) because everything was well spent. Next year, dapat guest na guest na ako. Chuice!

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