Monday, August 9, 2010

The Other Side of Disney Princesses (Second of 2 parts)

Read the first part here.

One more thing common to the Disney Princesses is their "happily ever after" ending. Of course, after all the sleeping and eating poison apples, the villains lose and the pretty girls win!

O wacky naman jan!

And yeah, at the end of their fairy tale story is a grand wedding with their princes.

Suswerte ng mga bakla!

But what if these happy endings never came? What happens when Snowhite, Cinderella and Aurora escape from lala-land and are faced with harsh realities of the real world? Will they still be as adorable? Tingnan natin...

The Fallen Princesses Project by Dina Goldstein (more here) examines the various issues faced by the woman of today. Much as each lady aspires to fulfill her dream of becoming a modern-day princess, she is in constant threat from various pressures imposed by so-called "standards" of beauty and femininity.

I'm sure you will understand what the pictures really want to say. But for the purpose of this blog, lets take the lighter side of things. HAHAH

Let's start with the non-disney gurls first

Ohymgod little red riding hood! Anyare sa diet mo??? Supersize me!!!

And Rapunzel battling cancer.

Ok this is depressing and I will not make fun of it.

Belle goes under the knife

True love ba to at gusto niyang maging kamukha ni Beast??? Well please please never consider plastic surgery and try to grow old with class, embracing those fine lines instead. Don't be like her...

Spot the Difference. Gretchen mad, happy and sad. Parang wala masyadong pinag-kaiba!

Cinderella Lasingerra! Rhyming???

Talk about abusing yourself. Depress-depressan si ateh! Feel ko after to ng ball "Shet balik maida na naman ba meeee???"

Speaking of giyera


Well war in the middle east is pretty common so I guess she had no choice. Wait, I smell something fishy here...
Ay alam na! Chuice!

Meanwhile Snowhite becomes a little losyang...

The prince succumbs to his previous royal lifestyle while Snowhite remains domesticated. Chez. Wish lang niya na nakuntento na siya sa mga dwarf...

Ay isa-isa lang! No orgy pleeeez!!! KADIRI

Si Sleeping Beauty naman masyado atang natuwa sa pagtulog

But don't you think this is true love? Enter Rico J Puno...

Kahit maputiiiiiii na ang buhok kooooooooooooo!

Well, happy ending or no happy ending, being a Disney princess is a dream one cannot rob from girls and wannabee girls. I guess its just part of their childhood and their/our (NAKISAMA???) growing process. :)

Ay nabuhay ang mga gaga!

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