Monday, August 30, 2010

Odd things everywhere!

I've been around the city this long weekend. From a posh mall, to the local supermarket and even to the "thrift shops" in Anonas (HEH! Ukay-ukay kasi!) Looking around I found things that made me giggle or laugh. I took a few photos so that I may be able to share them with you :)

Spotted at Eastwood Mall. NAKAW-PROOF ANG TISSUE!!!

Some people can't really be disciplined. Establishments have to do something in order to prevent silly things from happening such as having tissue stolen. Well kung trip mo talaga then you can pull the roll again and again until you are sure that only the core is left hahah. I think alam ko kung sinong guilty dito...

Meanwhile sa ukay-ukay...

O diba??? Wanna be famous? HAHA. Guilting-guilty si kuya o!. And winner sina ate, pretending to be innocent!

Di ko gets. Pinipilipit ba ang sapatos??? I'm thinking baka Huwag pilitin isukat ang sapatos? I can just imagine someone trying to force his/her feet into the shoe...

In Greenhills...

What is booty-licious! HAHA EXAGG AH! I think they are trying to show that the leggings are super stretchable kasya lahat pati si

Finally, at WalterMart beside the village...

Dream mo ba talaga maging ganito kaputi??? Katakot ah!HAHAHA


This is really weird! I dunno what else Ms. Earth is endorsing. Hmm pati kaya eto?



Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is the ultimate showdown! Disney Princesses versus Disney Villains on the runway! Thanks to, I have recreated our beloved villains and transformed them into sexy, edgy and definitely more fierce modern ladies.

Tuhmuh, pati si Gaston, Jafar and Big Bad Wolf!! HAHAHA

Are you ready? Well before that, have you noticed that most villains had purple/violet and black theme? I dunno but I just realized that while doing the content for this post. Anyway, here we go!

Well well well look at Ursula, mawawalan ng boses si Ariel sa inggit!

Girly Gaston prefers ruffles and plaid tights over lumber and beer nights...

Maleficent is ready for war with Sleeping Beauty... in her red stilettos (Victoria Valera much???Chez)

Tired of the forest, Big bad she-wolf tours around the zoo.

Sheeet! Mga hayop ang punterya! Afraaaaaaid!

Queen Gremhilde (Yes, yun ang pangalan ni Evil Queen) will definitely be the APPLE of someone's eyes.

Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's stepmom) decides to run a corporation and not a manor.

Well, looks like Jafar will not be chasing Aladdin for the lamp this time. In fact, Aladdin might be the one chasing instead.

Ay tara habulan tayoooooooooooooo! Chuice!

Anyway, as I said this is a showdown. And YOU will be the judge!!! I will be showing you the princess and the villain and a poll under it! Polls close on Wednesday September 1 10:00 PM!

Don't forget to vote! Again, polls will be closed on Wednesday, September 1 10:00 PM!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kung ano ang puno, siyang bunga

Ever wondered where this wackiness of mine came from? Well I guess you will find out now...

My mom spent a few days with us just recently. Coming from Palawan, she decided to do a side-trip to Manila for a visit. The following are some of our conversations...

Conversation 1: On our new house help from Antique

Me: Mommy, turuan mo nga si Alma mag-asin
Mom: Bakit?
Me: Tikman mo yung luto niya dali
*Mom takes a spoonful of Beef Nilaga soup
Mom: Oo nga matabang
Me and Mom (in unison while looking straight to each other's eyes):

BAKA ASWANG!!! ( Joke lang ah!)

Conversation 2: On Birth Certificate

Mom: Nako diba dati may problema yung birth certificate ko?
Me: Anong nangyari?
Mom: Ang alam ko talaga yung full name na binigay ng Inay is Lilia Crispina. Nung binasa ng NSO sabi nila Lilia Anastacia. Ang Pangeeet!
Me: Wag ka Russian Princess kaya si Anastasia
Mom: Ay talaga??? Sige yun nalang!

Bagay ba??? Ambisyosa!

Conversation 3: After watching Ateneo vs LaSalle in Araneta

Mom: Grabe ang galing talaga nung #12 lumulusot sa ilalim!
Koi: Sino ba kasi yung 12???
Mom: Yung amerkano!


Me (in my head): Dear Lord, ayoko na kami ni mommy ay maging


Speaking of rampa...

Prepare to SLEEP forever...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dahil Masipag si Fairy Godmother!

Pursuing a career in show business could be very tricky. You should either have looks, talent and best if you have both. Without one of them, you better kiss stardom goodbye. These perhaps, made some artistas stay in the limelight for quite some time

But I would like to believe that it was talent that made them survive all these years. You know why? Well, let's try doing a flashback...

Ateeeehh!Masyado ka naman atang perky!!

Kilay ata out of place.Wasn't eyebrow plucking or threading invented suuuper long ago?

Ayayay monay. Chez. Hmm...magpasalamat sa

Uuuuuuhm okay....Pwede rin sa lalaki ang eyebrow shaping... Tapos yung hair, clothes and the pose-Don't Like!!!!

Well I guess their fabulous looks now is a result of much discipline and perhaps a fairy godmother intervention.


In other news, I heard some guys were lucky enough to get help from fairy godmother too!!

Lumabas ka Ariel!!! Magtutuos tayo!!!

Watch this space in the next few days!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MAJOR ba kamo?

Ok so most of you know the results and the happenings in today's Ms. Universe pageant. And while I have to catch the replay on Velvet at 10 PM tonight to get a better experience (I watched via livestreaming this morning with Spanish commentators in the background) allow me to say a few words. Meganon?

Oh well, we are all aware of the fate of our very own Venus Raj. Now everyone is catching on the "MAJOR MAJOR" trend going on.

She came in as a very strong contender in the contest. And I must admit there is a certain panghihinayang because I believe that she is an intelligent woman hence she could have done a better job in answering the question.

Well kung meron mang na-disappoint, isa na siguro si...

MAJOR General Douglas MacArthur

Pero hello naman, magkaka-jitters ka talaga because:

1. It was a huge crowd
2. I believe she was under some huge pressure to excel
3. Her gown was silky. Manipis yun at MALAMIG

Iimik ka pa ba???. Chuice!

Oh well, she may not have taken the crown home this year but being 5th is already a MAJOR achievement! (Major major kapag siya ang nanalo!) With this, I think she deserves our admiration. In fact pagdating niya dapat may banda at may...


Once again, Filipinos have proven that we have something to be proud of. And this is not just something to cover up for the hostage blunder because it was indeed a reality that we have to face and solve.

Comment lang, I wished Venus could have worn her hair loose. Look oh, it would soften her features a little more


I guess eto ang shampoo niya. Forward to 0:35-0:37


Ok back to watching the replay!

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Killer Vehicles of the Philippines?

Back in Davao I love riding the bus. It was a blessing when I reach the highway just in time for the bus to pass by because it was aircon and I did not have to share a jeepney with pails of fish. Kadireee. My family would take a 12-hour bus ride too when we visit my Dad's hometown in Biliran

You see, a bus experience is wonderful especially when its cold and when there's a DVD player. Basta hindi tagalog action movie ah! But buses in the metro are different.

Yup, they are smoke belchers and they squeeze you along EDSA like you squeeze cheese pimento in a pandesal. WHAT. Lately, they have been through much bad light.

They get bombed

They fall off the cliff

They even kill a Bb. Pilipinas

And now they play host to a saddening hostage drama.With this, I think buses are the new killer vehicles of the Philippines. Oh no ano nalang ang sasabihin ni...

Claire dela fuente!!!

Shucks baka eto nalang ang bus na sasakyan ko...


Anyway, this is really a depressing day for the Philippines. Once again, the international community is raising their eyebrows at us in terms of trade and tourism. I pity those Pinoys abroad who may be treated differently after this situation.

Oh well, as the saying goes, when God closes the door...

He opens a window!

Good luck to Venus Raj tomorrow! May you bring home the crown and help make the Philippines proud again!

On a serious note, I pray that we continue the pride of being Filipinos. We have been through quite a lot yet we are still alive and we never cease to achieve in various fields.

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