Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dahil Masipag si Fairy Godmother!

Pursuing a career in show business could be very tricky. You should either have looks, talent and best if you have both. Without one of them, you better kiss stardom goodbye. These perhaps, made some artistas stay in the limelight for quite some time

But I would like to believe that it was talent that made them survive all these years. You know why? Well, let's try doing a flashback...

Ateeeehh!Masyado ka naman atang perky!!

Kilay ata out of place.Wasn't eyebrow plucking or threading invented suuuper long ago?

Ayayay monay. Chez. Hmm...magpasalamat sa

Uuuuuuhm okay....Pwede rin sa lalaki ang eyebrow shaping... Tapos yung hair, clothes and the pose-Don't Like!!!!

Well I guess their fabulous looks now is a result of much discipline and perhaps a fairy godmother intervention.


In other news, I heard some guys were lucky enough to get help from fairy godmother too!!

Lumabas ka Ariel!!! Magtutuos tayo!!!

Watch this space in the next few days!

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