Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

NAGA-nda! (Day 1)

Missed me? Chyeh!

Well this explains my absence for a few days.

Two days after Christmas, I left for the tiny but bustling and beautiful (taga DOT ka??) city of Naga with some friends to attend the Wedding of the Century (Ate Julie and Kuya Abe's). Spent a good 3 days and 2 nights in the Bicol Region and here's the rundown of pagkakalat ng lagim...

Fetched by Clark at home for our flight to Naga via Air Phil Express. And here's our ride!

ride lang sa Enchanted Kingdom! Eto ang napapala ng nagtitipid! Chuice!

Thankfully, it was a smooth ride, except for the landing na nagfeeling race car ang plane sa runway. Take note: Sumigaw ako at natawa ang mga foreigners HAHAH. Will get the video c/o Clark.

Landed at the Pili Airport where our check-in baggage were KKK (Kanya-kanyang Kuha) and took a cab to Naga. We stayed at a cute apartment to the tune of HAPPY SIDE HOMES! Parang beer garden lang hahah

Shempre para sulit ang trip, we just left our stuff and went straight to the famous CWC.


Because I am a KJ, I decided not to try out wakeboarding. Well in fact none of us did since we were #70 something and they were serving only #25 when we arrived. Parang SM Hypermarket lang ang pila. So we decided to check out the pool instead

Tourist na tourist lang!

Continuing the KJ mode, only 4 went for a dip. Introducing the contestants of Mr. and Ms. Bicol Bikini!!!

Joke lang! :D

Well I ate, instead.

Bicolano Pizza!

That's 8 delicious slices of pork ala bicol express and laing topped with cheese! Grabe feel na feel mo ang Bicolandia after. Chozz. Then came some of friends Nino Fuentebella and of course ang hiyas ng Naga Aika Robredo (not in pictures).

Dinner at Geewan in the Centro

Pinakbet, Lechon Kawali and Pinangat. Masarap na mura pa! PROMOTE!??!

Walked around the Centro and found this golden rotonda! Iba talaga ang Naga! Gold kung gold!

Turista mode once again!

Went back to Happy Side for a quick rest. By 10 PM, I was again back in shape and went out with the Pink Community-Naga Chapter members Berry and Mel with Nino! No special Bicolano drink but their bucket of San Mig Light is at Php 125.00!!! Pwede na akong tumira dito! HAHA

Got back by 2 AM and slept to get ready for day 2: The Mayon Adventure!

Photos courtesy of Boom Enriquez
Photo treatment by Koi (BAGONG KARIR???)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Reflection (kaya mo?)

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. We enjoy an avalanche of food, exciting gifts and wonderful company! And as the festivities end, we all go back home with peace and gratefulness in our hearts for the true miracle that is Christmas.

I'd like to thank my great friend, Maan Tan for sharing this wonderful video about miracles and how we could all make miracles happen for each other.

And as we celebrate miracles for other people, it is my wish that we become miracles to our selves too!

Ok. Dahil hindi ko kayang sobrang serious. Always remember...


Friday, December 24, 2010

Someone Has Always Been Naughty This Time of the Year!

So it's the eve of Christmas and while everyone is on a vacation mode, one man is having the busiest time of the manong guard. Chuice lang! Of course, I am talking about Santa Claus. Yet we seem to have neglected another important yet unsung hero, ang ilaw ng tahanan...

Si Mrs. Claus!
(na mukhang bading?!?)

So magkukumahog si Santa ngayong gabi to give gifts to those who have been nice. Flying across the globe with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph and shempre si All-of (the other raindeer) all night, Santa won't be home with his lovely wife to spend Christmas.

And while everyone is inspired to be nice this year to get Santa's favor, guess who has been naughty all along!

Jusko Mrs. Claus!!!! Nakakahiya ka! Excuse me lang pero:

1. Ang tanda mo na!!!
2. Di ka ba nirarayuma sa lamig kapag nakikipag -harutan ka with Mr. Snowman? Chuice!
3. Nag-dahilan ka pa at dinamay mo pa ang cellphone company

But wait! Di pa siya nakuntento, they even made a video (ala Hayden. Joke!)

And because the toy production has come to a full stop by now,



Friday, December 17, 2010

Please Explain This to Me!

Part of the improvements I made for this blog is putting ad units courtesy of Nuffnang to boost the performance of my site and hopefully get some extra money out of it. And while it currently reports of a Php 0.00 earning, it is interesting to note that Nuffnang also provides helpful information/reports on how my blog is doing. These include the number of hits, referrals and where my readers are coming from. These information could be obtained based on daily, weekly and monthly performance. (Shet ang techy ko pakinggan!)

One very interesting analytics is knowing what keywords were used by people that lead them to KoiBeyondPond. And here are the results from last month's report:

Hinga ng malalim...


Napatumbling ako!!! Take note of the fact that there were 3 variants pa!!! (variants. parang shampoo lang)Naloloka ako!!!!

Well, I don't think they found anything substantial based on what they were actually looking for. But if you are one of them and you are currently reading this...

"Is this what you want???" RAAAAWR!

"Sorry guys but I'm taken!"

Chuice lang Ms. Pops! Hugs and kisses this Christmas! (Close?!?)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fairy Tales and Rhymes

Having a baby at home allows you to re-visit your childhood. From nursery rhymes to fairy tales, everything seems like a flashback to when our days were filled with wonder and magic.

I had my share of wonderland through the many story books in our shelves. Ok fine, isama na rin natin ang mga cassette tapes. Pakatandaaaaa! Sadly, the images we have of them were based purely on illustrations. Di pa kasi uso ang mga Barney-barney videos na yan. Bitter?

So if I were to recreate my own version of fairy land to my ka-generation, here's my cast!


Uhm, parang tunog porn movie ata??? HAHAH

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Ok I can't stop thinking about Tito Boy shouting: "WOLF! NOW NAAAAAA!" Chuice!


I'm sorry Mang Dolphy pero kung may ganito, isang egg nalang ang naiisip ko...

Century egg! Choz

Meanwhile pansinin naman natin sina...

ALI (Sotto) Baba and the 40 Thieves!

There's something funny about her smirk. I just cant pinpoint what. Pero tawang-tawa ako!!!

And shempre dahil fairy tales and nursery rhymes ang pinag-uusapan, magpapahuli ba si...

Mother GUS Albegas??!

K sabaw. Good night!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Next Station, The Goose Station!

Arriving at The Goose Station. Paparating na sa The Goose Station! LRT?!?! Chuice.


Last Saturday I had the annual Christmas dinner with the HMF's. Well it's not exactly annual for me since I wasn't able to attend the one last year.

HMF's in attendance:

L-R: JM, Jansell, James, Ina and Me

L-R: Bryan, Carla and Ren

These are some of my friends from High School. HMF stands for High Maintenance Friends and you will soon find out why.

So this year, we have decided to take a trip to the Goose Station at the W Tower in Fort Bonifacio.

The Goose Station is actually a play of words on "degustation" to which the restaurant is known for. According to Wikipedia, degustation is a culinary term meaning "a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods" and focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company.

The menu boasts of their Signature Menu which is an 8-course meal and the Express Menu made up of 5 courses. Ala Carte dishes are available as well. We all opted for the Express Menu.
And here's the rundown.

For appetizers:

*blush* CHUICE LANG!

That's celebrity chef couple Rob and Sunshine Pengson-owners and chefs of the place. We saw Rob that night but he left early. Nawalan na ako ng gana after that. Joke! Ok seriously, the food now!

Dinner started with a light Welcome Snack...

Foie Cone: Foie Gras wrapped in Filo pastry and topped with hazelnut and jelly.

For me, this was the best! (Agad?) The cone crumbles perfectly to a burst of the creamy light foie gras. It was divine! (expert??)

Next, an array of amuse bouche...

Potato Glass, Olive Tapenade Oreo and Savory Macaroon

In fairness, each was a surprise at every bite. The potato glass was so thin yet tasty (parang pinasosyal na piattos in a laundry clip!). The oreo and macaroon sent some shocks to the taste buds too.

Beet Garden: Goat's Cheese wrapped in beet jelly, Boursin, watermelon, orange, corn, corn sprouts, pickled carrot and walnut and gingerbread "soil"

This is their version of the Garden salad which recreates your typical garden-complete with the soil. And oh, there's even a snail! Under which is a slice of melon that you eat at the end to cleanse your palate and prepare for the next course. Seriously, nalito ako kung pano kainin to since they were as if scattered on the plate HAHA. (No particular order though according to the waiter!)


Foie Gras Terrine with oxtail jam, pickled radish salad and chico santol-chico puree with Brioche

Oh this one was sinful! The foie gras was so rich but it was nakakaumay later on. That's why you have options to take it with. Salty if you pair it with the oxtail or some seasoning, sweet with the puree and tangy with the radish. My favorite was coupling it with the radish as it provided the perfect balance in taste.

And then it becomes more sinful...

Lamb Ribs with Mushroom Gnocchi in Red wine sauce topped with pistachio

Konti pang close-up sa kasalanan...


The meat was tender and flavorful. Though I have tasted a better lamb dish than this one. The serving was huge, I was afraid I would not finish it. But I still did (Kahit fine dining, matakaw pa rin)

For dessert, I had rice pudding and chocolate which I devoured before a picture was even taken. And then they gave one last treat...

Bittersweet ending: Cheeseburger macaroon with chocolate for the patty, mango for its cheese and raspberry syrup for the ketchup

It was a refreshing burst! (HEH!) and the surprise was that it was cold HAHA.

The whole Express Menu was a great gastronomic adventure that surpassed the expectations of my taste buds and my stomach as well. And oh, express din ang pera sa wallet! The whole thing costs Php 2,100.00 VAT and Service Charge included. A high price but definitely worth every penny.

So going back to the definition of degustation:

1. A careful, appreciative tasting of various foods: CHECK! 3 hours for the whole dinner!
2. Focusing on the gustatory system, the senses: CHECK! All tastes and surprises covered!
3. High culinary art : CHECK! Gnocchi? Brioche? Boursin? Nosebleed!!
4. Good company. CHECK! I guess this was the most important factor of all! Catching up with the people whom I've have spent 4 years of my life with was the greatest experience. Especially since I haven't seen them in months!

One last shot with the HMF's!
(Minsan lang to ah! Kung ganito tayo lagi ayoko na kayo i-maintain! HAHA)


While taking a break.

So you might wonder how a frugal person like me could spend that much in one sitting. Well, its for good company, the Christmas spirit, a well-deserved reward and a learning experience!

But my, if I dined like a prince for a night...

I shall dine like a pauper for days!
My dinner tonight. Chuice lang! HAHAHA

Come and experience the Goose Station!

The Goose Station Signature Restaurant
Ground Floor, W Tower, 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Open from Mon through Sat (6-9 Pm)
For reservarions, contact:
Telephone +632 5569068
Mobile: +63917 85GOOSE (46673)

Photos courtesy of Ren Tan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buksan na!!

One thing everyone is looking forward to every Christmas... CHRISTMAS NA NAMAN?!?!


Anyway, one thing everyone is looking forward to every Christmas is opening gifts. At the stroke of midnight or in the morning, kids and adults alike gather to tear away those fancy wrappers to reveal their presents.

SUPPLIES!!! Tuwa ka?

Lucky if you love what you receive. But there are times when you are simply not happy with your gift. As adults we are taught to be courteous and appreciative so we keep our reactions to ourselves, especially when in front of the giver. But kids aren't like that. Most of them are transparent with their true feelings and reactions.

So minsan, para kang maglulumpasay sa tuwa...

Uhm, ate pakatanda mo na parang kiligigin ng bongga!

And there are times when you shed tears of joy...

To the point na masusuka ka sa tuwa. EEEW!

Pero this is not always the case. Especially if you are a parent and you give gifts...

HAHAHAHAHAH That are really for yourself! (Pakaselfish!)

Or if you are a delinquent ninong/ninang...

Na nakalimutan mo kung yung inaanak mo girl or boy

Or kahit sino ka man sa buhay nila (chuice!)...

It's Christmas, please don't play pranks on them!

Everyone excited?:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick Post: Unique Christmas Bazaar Finds

Every year, I look forward the Christmas Bazaars. I think I have been to 3 or 4 already this year and I still I need trips to more!

Though I do not usually buy a lot of stuff, it's always fun to look around and see what's new and unique.

Lovely vintage finds at a street bazaar along Dapitan

And kung sa unique lang naman ang pag-uusapan, I was not at all disappointed!!

O diba??? You can't find this anywhere else! At mura pa! Feeling ko hanggang pwet part nga lang ang covered HAHAH

But if you could afford to spend more why not get something from...

(Do not support piracy, ok?)

And even though we are drowning in an overly materialistic world, we are always reminded to go back to the BASICS...

Kay lola ata to! Chuice!

See you in more bazaars soon!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lessons from 2010

The Yuletide Season is not just about Christmas. Together with preparing for Jesus' coming is readying myself as we close the year that has passed and open to a new, hopeful one. And before thinking about what my new year's resolutions/commitments will be, allow me to remember the things I learned by heart this 2010...

Note: Staying true to the theme of this blog, the succeeding blooper videos are used to effectively convey my message and not to simply make fun of the mistakes of others. Chuice!

1. Treat animals with respect.

May buhay din sila at marunong masaktan. Therefore, dapat natin silang igalang at alagaan, otherwise...


2. Always remember where you came from

Wherever you are now, there is definitely someone or something that has helped or inspired you to work hard and succeed. So take your achievement with pride but face your beginnings with humility.

Eto nga di pa nakaka-alis, nakalimot na! HAHAHA

3. Practice, practice, practice

To avoid/reduce mistakes


4. Health is wealth

Ang katawan natin ay marunong din mapagod. So if you are beginning to feel something, give yourself a break.


5. Finally, know the person really well before making a commitment

(oops, sorry ka nalang teh! Chuice!)

So what lessons did 2010 teach you?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Different Christmas Carol

For three years now, we have been celebrating Christmas in Manila. Although it's great to start on new traditions and practices, there are things I surely miss from the Davao/childhood version.

One would the street carolers. I must admit they are sometimes irritating: their tiny shrieking voices, their out of this world lyrics and the discourtesy they show when you give them 25 centavo coins. (PAKA-KURIPOT!) Despite this, their presence is a great reminder for me that Christmas is indeed coming. Too bad the village security will really make this impossible.

Thankfully we have choirs in malls and in the church. And while I was looking for some videos on them on youTube naloka ako sa nahanap ko!


So to all the straight guys out there, MAG-IINIT ANG PASKO NIYO! Chuice!

But wait there's more! Visit, you will see this...

Click on each girl to make your tunes! You can even record your own song. Medyo freaky because when you click on them, they move and rise a little. At alam niyo naman na kinikilabutan ako sa female form! Chuice! HAHA

I personally believe that LaSenza went overboard as women were greatly objectified in this campaign. (Feminist?!) And so to be fair...


Paging Jockey? Calvin Klein? Armani? Gow na!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! (2nd of 2 Parts)

So we may have realized that Santa is not always nice. There are times when he has played naughty, sa harap pa ng mga kabataan!


But wait there's more!

Sometimes kids become too excited for Christmas that they take a picture with Santa waaaaaay to early...

Di pa tinutubuan ng bigote si Santa!

While there are times when we catch a glimpse of him just right after the holiday season...

Ay namulubi na sa daming niregaluahan!

So it's best to have a picture taken around December! Just make sure you come early para una ka sa linya. Otherwise when your turn comes...

Pagod na siya. (Or baka mabigat lang yung bata! HAHA)

And I hope yung Santa...

Hindi masyadong gigil or eager beaver!

Pero wag naman din sanang...


And oh lord sana hindi parang...

Asong ulol!!!

Yung sakto lang. Bonus na kung sexy...


23 days to HO HO HO!

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