Thursday, December 30, 2010

NAGA-nda! (Day 1)

Missed me? Chyeh!

Well this explains my absence for a few days.

Two days after Christmas, I left for the tiny but bustling and beautiful (taga DOT ka??) city of Naga with some friends to attend the Wedding of the Century (Ate Julie and Kuya Abe's). Spent a good 3 days and 2 nights in the Bicol Region and here's the rundown of pagkakalat ng lagim...

Fetched by Clark at home for our flight to Naga via Air Phil Express. And here's our ride!

ride lang sa Enchanted Kingdom! Eto ang napapala ng nagtitipid! Chuice!

Thankfully, it was a smooth ride, except for the landing na nagfeeling race car ang plane sa runway. Take note: Sumigaw ako at natawa ang mga foreigners HAHAH. Will get the video c/o Clark.

Landed at the Pili Airport where our check-in baggage were KKK (Kanya-kanyang Kuha) and took a cab to Naga. We stayed at a cute apartment to the tune of HAPPY SIDE HOMES! Parang beer garden lang hahah

Shempre para sulit ang trip, we just left our stuff and went straight to the famous CWC.


Because I am a KJ, I decided not to try out wakeboarding. Well in fact none of us did since we were #70 something and they were serving only #25 when we arrived. Parang SM Hypermarket lang ang pila. So we decided to check out the pool instead

Tourist na tourist lang!

Continuing the KJ mode, only 4 went for a dip. Introducing the contestants of Mr. and Ms. Bicol Bikini!!!

Joke lang! :D

Well I ate, instead.

Bicolano Pizza!

That's 8 delicious slices of pork ala bicol express and laing topped with cheese! Grabe feel na feel mo ang Bicolandia after. Chozz. Then came some of friends Nino Fuentebella and of course ang hiyas ng Naga Aika Robredo (not in pictures).

Dinner at Geewan in the Centro

Pinakbet, Lechon Kawali and Pinangat. Masarap na mura pa! PROMOTE!??!

Walked around the Centro and found this golden rotonda! Iba talaga ang Naga! Gold kung gold!

Turista mode once again!

Went back to Happy Side for a quick rest. By 10 PM, I was again back in shape and went out with the Pink Community-Naga Chapter members Berry and Mel with Nino! No special Bicolano drink but their bucket of San Mig Light is at Php 125.00!!! Pwede na akong tumira dito! HAHA

Got back by 2 AM and slept to get ready for day 2: The Mayon Adventure!

Photos courtesy of Boom Enriquez
Photo treatment by Koi (BAGONG KARIR???)

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