Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fairy Tales and Rhymes

Having a baby at home allows you to re-visit your childhood. From nursery rhymes to fairy tales, everything seems like a flashback to when our days were filled with wonder and magic.

I had my share of wonderland through the many story books in our shelves. Ok fine, isama na rin natin ang mga cassette tapes. Pakatandaaaaa! Sadly, the images we have of them were based purely on illustrations. Di pa kasi uso ang mga Barney-barney videos na yan. Bitter?

So if I were to recreate my own version of fairy land to my ka-generation, here's my cast!


Uhm, parang tunog porn movie ata??? HAHAH

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Ok I can't stop thinking about Tito Boy shouting: "WOLF! NOW NAAAAAA!" Chuice!


I'm sorry Mang Dolphy pero kung may ganito, isang egg nalang ang naiisip ko...

Century egg! Choz

Meanwhile pansinin naman natin sina...

ALI (Sotto) Baba and the 40 Thieves!

There's something funny about her smirk. I just cant pinpoint what. Pero tawang-tawa ako!!!

And shempre dahil fairy tales and nursery rhymes ang pinag-uusapan, magpapahuli ba si...

Mother GUS Albegas??!

K sabaw. Good night!

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