Monday, December 13, 2010

Next Station, The Goose Station!

Arriving at The Goose Station. Paparating na sa The Goose Station! LRT?!?! Chuice.


Last Saturday I had the annual Christmas dinner with the HMF's. Well it's not exactly annual for me since I wasn't able to attend the one last year.

HMF's in attendance:

L-R: JM, Jansell, James, Ina and Me

L-R: Bryan, Carla and Ren

These are some of my friends from High School. HMF stands for High Maintenance Friends and you will soon find out why.

So this year, we have decided to take a trip to the Goose Station at the W Tower in Fort Bonifacio.

The Goose Station is actually a play of words on "degustation" to which the restaurant is known for. According to Wikipedia, degustation is a culinary term meaning "a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods" and focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company.

The menu boasts of their Signature Menu which is an 8-course meal and the Express Menu made up of 5 courses. Ala Carte dishes are available as well. We all opted for the Express Menu.
And here's the rundown.

For appetizers:

*blush* CHUICE LANG!

That's celebrity chef couple Rob and Sunshine Pengson-owners and chefs of the place. We saw Rob that night but he left early. Nawalan na ako ng gana after that. Joke! Ok seriously, the food now!

Dinner started with a light Welcome Snack...

Foie Cone: Foie Gras wrapped in Filo pastry and topped with hazelnut and jelly.

For me, this was the best! (Agad?) The cone crumbles perfectly to a burst of the creamy light foie gras. It was divine! (expert??)

Next, an array of amuse bouche...

Potato Glass, Olive Tapenade Oreo and Savory Macaroon

In fairness, each was a surprise at every bite. The potato glass was so thin yet tasty (parang pinasosyal na piattos in a laundry clip!). The oreo and macaroon sent some shocks to the taste buds too.

Beet Garden: Goat's Cheese wrapped in beet jelly, Boursin, watermelon, orange, corn, corn sprouts, pickled carrot and walnut and gingerbread "soil"

This is their version of the Garden salad which recreates your typical garden-complete with the soil. And oh, there's even a snail! Under which is a slice of melon that you eat at the end to cleanse your palate and prepare for the next course. Seriously, nalito ako kung pano kainin to since they were as if scattered on the plate HAHA. (No particular order though according to the waiter!)


Foie Gras Terrine with oxtail jam, pickled radish salad and chico santol-chico puree with Brioche

Oh this one was sinful! The foie gras was so rich but it was nakakaumay later on. That's why you have options to take it with. Salty if you pair it with the oxtail or some seasoning, sweet with the puree and tangy with the radish. My favorite was coupling it with the radish as it provided the perfect balance in taste.

And then it becomes more sinful...

Lamb Ribs with Mushroom Gnocchi in Red wine sauce topped with pistachio

Konti pang close-up sa kasalanan...


The meat was tender and flavorful. Though I have tasted a better lamb dish than this one. The serving was huge, I was afraid I would not finish it. But I still did (Kahit fine dining, matakaw pa rin)

For dessert, I had rice pudding and chocolate which I devoured before a picture was even taken. And then they gave one last treat...

Bittersweet ending: Cheeseburger macaroon with chocolate for the patty, mango for its cheese and raspberry syrup for the ketchup

It was a refreshing burst! (HEH!) and the surprise was that it was cold HAHA.

The whole Express Menu was a great gastronomic adventure that surpassed the expectations of my taste buds and my stomach as well. And oh, express din ang pera sa wallet! The whole thing costs Php 2,100.00 VAT and Service Charge included. A high price but definitely worth every penny.

So going back to the definition of degustation:

1. A careful, appreciative tasting of various foods: CHECK! 3 hours for the whole dinner!
2. Focusing on the gustatory system, the senses: CHECK! All tastes and surprises covered!
3. High culinary art : CHECK! Gnocchi? Brioche? Boursin? Nosebleed!!
4. Good company. CHECK! I guess this was the most important factor of all! Catching up with the people whom I've have spent 4 years of my life with was the greatest experience. Especially since I haven't seen them in months!

One last shot with the HMF's!
(Minsan lang to ah! Kung ganito tayo lagi ayoko na kayo i-maintain! HAHA)


While taking a break.

So you might wonder how a frugal person like me could spend that much in one sitting. Well, its for good company, the Christmas spirit, a well-deserved reward and a learning experience!

But my, if I dined like a prince for a night...

I shall dine like a pauper for days!
My dinner tonight. Chuice lang! HAHAHA

Come and experience the Goose Station!

The Goose Station Signature Restaurant
Ground Floor, W Tower, 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Open from Mon through Sat (6-9 Pm)
For reservarions, contact:
Telephone +632 5569068
Mobile: +63917 85GOOSE (46673)

Photos courtesy of Ren Tan

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