Friday, December 17, 2010

Please Explain This to Me!

Part of the improvements I made for this blog is putting ad units courtesy of Nuffnang to boost the performance of my site and hopefully get some extra money out of it. And while it currently reports of a Php 0.00 earning, it is interesting to note that Nuffnang also provides helpful information/reports on how my blog is doing. These include the number of hits, referrals and where my readers are coming from. These information could be obtained based on daily, weekly and monthly performance. (Shet ang techy ko pakinggan!)

One very interesting analytics is knowing what keywords were used by people that lead them to KoiBeyondPond. And here are the results from last month's report:

Hinga ng malalim...


Napatumbling ako!!! Take note of the fact that there were 3 variants pa!!! (variants. parang shampoo lang)Naloloka ako!!!!

Well, I don't think they found anything substantial based on what they were actually looking for. But if you are one of them and you are currently reading this...

"Is this what you want???" RAAAAWR!

"Sorry guys but I'm taken!"

Chuice lang Ms. Pops! Hugs and kisses this Christmas! (Close?!?)

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