Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tampisaw sa Pond Award: Huma-house guest!

It has been more than two weeks since I had the biggest fright of my life. I am happy that I am slowly recovering but hindi na ata mawawala ang aking pagiging paranoid- always quadruple checking if I locked my doors. Mukhang tanga but better look gaga than be pureza!

Anyway, sa kalagitnaan ng pagka-gimbal (SOCO much??) a friend texted if she could spend the following night over. This southern lass apparently had an early morning meeting in Katipunan. To save herself from the torture of waking up early, makikitulog na lang siya. Pak! Blind item ang peg!

Shempre isang bonggang GOW ang answer ko! After going through such a traumatic experience, it would be great to have someone accompany me. THOUGH I was kinda hesitant. Back in college kasi, when I moved to a solo dorm room, nabinyagan agad ng babae na nagsleepover. Feel ko na curse kasi puro babae na ang nakitulog, wala na akong nauwing KERE! So ayoko namang ma-jinx ulit. CHAROT!!!

But I said yes and I would like to award the


(photo courtesy of Cands Montenegro)

In fair naman, when she arrived bigay agad ng bonggang housewarming gift. PLEASE, PAKITULARAN! Thank you teh for the aromatherapy candle and Becky's (HOW APT!) Food for the God (dess. chuice!)

Had dinner in Katipunan and spent some time in Cantina. Take note memorable ang Cantina not just because she is a former Katipunera but it was where we shared our first kiss. PWEH!!!!!

Anyhoo, since meeting ang objective niya, she had to look presentable- kelangan di gusto-gusot ang outfet! Malas lang wala akong plantsa. Good thing Tim had the revolutionary Edmark Steam Iron/ Brush!

Kung makaplug ako ng gawaing bahay akala mo housewife. But in truth, I only know how to clean well. I fake laba and I have no plans of touching a real iron! Thankfully, the Edmark Stam Iron is so easy to use! Just add water, plug and plantsa all the way.

Of course just like my first time to do the fish spa, belly dance and the hula, papalagpasin ba ang first time to iron clothes? Pwes eto na! Come and witness the wonders of this product (Paging Edmark, ang PF ko!) Take note of the comments in the video!

So let's start with our guest of honor...

And now it's my turn!

After ng plantsahan portion, borlog na bilang 2 AM na! Sidekwento: When I spent the night over at Magel's place back in college I demanded that there be a pillow between us. Mahirap na baka lapastanganin ako! Charot! This time unconsciously may pillow pa rin- pero throw pillow nalang. Next time neck pillow nalang yan

Breakfast the following day and then she was off to her meeting. Our goodbye messages went something like this:

Magel: Salamat sa pagkupkop, teh curl. Busilak ang iyong puso.
Koi:Bwahaha walang anuman. Sana nagenjoy ka. At nahawaan ka ng ganda ko kahit katiting lang.
Magel:Nalipat sa akin lahat actually.

In fair, I have to agree!
Labyu teh! Sana na-redeem nito ang unang pic! BWHAHAHA

Who wants to go next? Priority is given to Keres. Girls, saka na kayo! Chuice!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kung Sino Ka Man, Di ka Welcome sa Pond!

In the last few posts parang ang panimula ko na lang lagi ay "I'm baaaack!" and "Sorry because" achuchu. Well ngayon naman sisisihin ko ang mga TV series na tinapos ko like Game of Thrones (oh, how brusko!) and The Voice (yet oh, how beki!)

Also, when when you are living alone you need more time to do some cleaning, dishwashing, fixing the laundry and finding food (daga ang peg?). And speaking of living alone, I have a very sad news.

Yes. Nangyari na ang di inaasahan. Ang di dapat mangyari.

Hindi. Hindi po ako naging straight. Sorry girls... CHUICE!

Anyway, last Tuesday, June 5,2011 I went out for dinner with friends and got home at around 8:30 PM. I was about to put the keys into the padlock when I realized that the safety hasp (ay alam ko yun! karpintero kasi ata ang past life ko!) was destroyed. I checked the knob and it was still locked. Pero iba na ang pakiramdam ko.

I prepared myself upon entering. Malay mo may utaw sa loob. Thankfully no one was inside...any longer...

At eto ang tumambad sa akin...


Sa madaling sabi, someone broke into my place. Seeing my cabinet in disarray I already knew what he/she took: 2 watches--one used to be my Dad's.

I must admit my first reaction was natawa. Waley. In my mind I was saying "P*t* nangyari sa akin to? KALERKEY!!!"

Feel ko sumideline din akong imbestigador nung past life ko because my next instinct was not to touch anything and simply take pictures.

Kabilang angle naman!
Introducing Feetus ng Landlady. Bagong pedicure. Tarush!

What is binulatlat!

My maleta on top of the cabinet was not spared.
At tumambad ang mga pagninilanding bagelya!

Even my balikbayan box of College Stuff, sealed when I graduated, was opened.
Naging time capsule tuloy ang peg. (Emo ka teh?)

I calmly went down to report the incident. Parang may nagawa naman ano? So I cut the useless chika-chika and rushed to Shoppersville to buy new locks. Malamang noh unless balak kong iexpose ko ulit ang unit ko with me inside. Eh di pati puri ko ninakaw! CHAROT!

The carpenter,who is the landlady's husband, had no drill that night so the following day nalang daw. Fine. Simulan na ang nobena!

After calling my mom and Tita about it. I looked again at the mess that was left. "Ah leche! So kelangan pa tuloy eto ayusin?? Hassle!!! Jirits!!!" Thankfully my friends Tim and Marc dropped by and showed some support.

Then I realized more things.

1. Hindi binaklas yung packing tape ng balikbayan box! Instead it was cut neatly with a sharp object.
2. I saw one of my kutsilyo placed in the wrong position (See? may benefits ang pagiging OC!). Therefore, ginalaw.
3. One knife was missing. AFRAID!!!!!!!!!
4. May naiwang note na nakasulat "ANAKAN MO AKO"- OK CHAROT LANG!!!

I went to bed fearing for my safety. Noon ko lang narealize how lucky I was that I wasn't around when that thief broke into my place. Otherwise bilasang isda na ako ngayon. I thanked God for keeping me safe but I remained vigilant the whole night.

The following morning I was bangag, obviously but I had to get up and had my locks fortified (parang gatas lang, fortified with vitamin A. Che!) Friends advised me to report the incident to the police.

One particular friend who helped me file a blotter was Atty Eloi (hey teh sana ma meet na kita in person!) Maraming salamat! Pwede bang ikaw na ang maging laywer ko? Para pwede ko nang karirin ang linyang "Just talk to my lawyer!" CHAROT! But super super thanks!

Since walang malapit na pulis I went to the barangay hall instead. They let me write an incident report. Kaya kung titingnan niyo ang simula ng kuwento, tunog incident report! Palibhasa nakapag practice na ako!

After that saka lang talaga nagsink-in. More than the items lost, my security was threatened and my personal space was violated. Gusto ko lang talaga maiyak! I must admit I'm still in shock and i haven't fully recovered. At napaka-che sabihing "the experience has made me stronger!!!" I guess sa future pwede na.


Grabe. Bad news pero consistent pa rin sa theme ang blog post na to--may echosan pa rin. AWARD!!!

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