Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buksan na!!

One thing everyone is looking forward to every Christmas... CHRISTMAS NA NAMAN?!?!


Anyway, one thing everyone is looking forward to every Christmas is opening gifts. At the stroke of midnight or in the morning, kids and adults alike gather to tear away those fancy wrappers to reveal their presents.

SUPPLIES!!! Tuwa ka?

Lucky if you love what you receive. But there are times when you are simply not happy with your gift. As adults we are taught to be courteous and appreciative so we keep our reactions to ourselves, especially when in front of the giver. But kids aren't like that. Most of them are transparent with their true feelings and reactions.

So minsan, para kang maglulumpasay sa tuwa...

Uhm, ate pakatanda mo na parang kiligigin ng bongga!

And there are times when you shed tears of joy...

To the point na masusuka ka sa tuwa. EEEW!

Pero this is not always the case. Especially if you are a parent and you give gifts...

HAHAHAHAHAH That are really for yourself! (Pakaselfish!)

Or if you are a delinquent ninong/ninang...

Na nakalimutan mo kung yung inaanak mo girl or boy

Or kahit sino ka man sa buhay nila (chuice!)...

It's Christmas, please don't play pranks on them!

Everyone excited?:)

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