Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! (1st of 2 Parts)

With just 24 days to go before Christmas, the rush is on! And while we know of Santa Claus and we make wish/wit lists every year, I guess one Christmas "tradition" that is not quite popular in the Philippines is meeting Santa himself!

In western countries, if you want to see Santa, you go to the nearest mall. Then you can have a picture with him while on his chair beside the fireplace or the Christmas tree. Feeling ko dun, di ka bata if you don't have a version of that. Much more like this...

How adorable, no?

But things are not always that way. Often times we find pictures of Santas who look kinda stupid with a poor baby wailing on his lap. Let me show you what I mean...

Sometimes, you can't trust him that much...

Kasi para siyang may binabalak na masama (Kidnapper?!?)

Pero nakakainis naman kung...

Wala man lang siyang balak AT ALL. Zzzzzzzzzz
(mga chikitings: uhhh, k!)

Pero mabuti na yun kesa yung Santa mo...


But please, spare me from someone na...

May balak tumira. CHUICE!

So we would rather settle for a...

Drag queen Santa! Na nasobrahan ng make-up
(Ang violent nung isa oh!)

Or yung...

Walang kakulay-kulay ang mukha!

Alam na ang gamit niya...

In fairness, effective!

Catch Part 2 tomorrow!

Meanwhile, magpapahuli ba ako??

Merry Christmas, everyone!
(Taken during the COA Party, Christmas 2010 with Mika and Mina)

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