Monday, November 29, 2010

My WIT list

Kids' Christmas is not complete without Santa Claus. That includes the excitement while making a list, the thrill of waiting for him and finally the joy of opening the gifts inside the sock or under the tree.

So it's definitely sad when you realize that Santa is just your parents. I can't remember exactly how I knew about it. I think when I started asking for ridiculous things like a horse (HAHA!) which my parents could not afford, that I learned Santa was just a hoax.

So to avoid annual disappointment, I would make realistic lists. Sometimes I just tell my parents directly. Or go with them to buy it. This time, allow me to rekindle my childhood by creating my 2010 WIT LIST.

Wit in gay lingo means nothing or wala. Sounds like wish but puro mga ambisyon lang. Well who knows, someone out there could play Santa for one of them.

1. iPad

Because my mbp is heavy to lug around and an iTouch is too small for my hands. Not that I really need it, but it wont hurt to have a new toy. Ay mahuhurt pala ang bulsa ko kapag bumili ako. So, give nalang! :D

2. Mulberry Alexa in Oak

I fell in love with the bag when I first saw it on Jak and Jil, That and the Proenza Schouler PS1. Pero dahil mas mahal pa to sa iPad, Managinip na tayo ng gising!

Speaking of dreams...

3. Lotto

Libre to pero sana mapanaginipan ko na ang mahiwagang 6 digits na yan!

4. Hermes

Anything Hermes! Bag, wallet, jewelry, scarf, belt kahit keychain pwede na. Fine, pwede na rin eto...

PBB Hermes

But please wag lang si...

Mang Hermes of Magkaribal

5. European Tour

I'm an old soul. Forget America, I'm good to leave the earth when I meet Mona Lisa, touch the doors of Vatican, shout at the top of Santorini and of course, get a genuine French kiss on top of the Eiffel (PAKAMBISYOSA LANG!!!)

And oh, study perfume in Paris too! Because that is my ultimate dream! And while in Europe...

6. Exclusive Wedding Invitation

All expenses paid trip ah! Para pwede akong sumigaw sa Westminster Abbey ng "ITIGIL ANG KASAL!!!!" Chuice!

7. Lacuna Services

Para makalimutan ko na ang mga nakaraang pilit na bumabagabag sa aking kalooban. Chusera! HAHAH

8.True Love's Kiss

Para maiba naman! Gusto ko nang irevoke ang membership sa SMP. Chuice!

Ok masyado na akong nangangarap! Santa, can you hear me? I've been extra good this year! And though I am too old to sit on Santa's lap like the kid above...

Seriously, I wouldn't mind. Chuice!

Edit: May nanalo na pala sa lotto! Congratulations and though I am happy for you! Punyetaaaa kaaaa! Chez lang.

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