Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If Objects Could Talk (2nd of 2 parts)

So yesterday we started with the first part. And now the continuation. Duh, obvious ba? Chuice!

You know I'm not really that mean to objects around. When I have a new gadget, I take care of them like they had lives: putting them in pouches and wiping them after use. That is before they fall for the first time. When that happens, I say sorry pa naman (may sayad?) but after that, these objects will now be tossed, thrown and dropped. Mabait pala ah...

Anyway, going back to objects na mareklamo, here's part 2!

Some things deserve to complain...

EEEW KADIRE! Tama lang na mag-reklamo ka! Gow teh!

Meanwhile may extremist groups!

Ay, aktibista? Chez

Eto rin oh!

Sorry to break it to you guys but life is really unfair!

Bakit pagkain ba ang kasal? Kinain mo?!?!

And because some of them can't take it anymore...
If ever he/she commits suicide, di siya magbibigti. I bet, sawa na siya dun!

But there are those who choose to stay strong...


Some are quitters, some are masochists, some are just plain brats (yet witty)

Oo nga naman! Bawal kasi magwalis sa gabi!
(For more, ang western ng porma ng walis na to ah!)

Goodnight everyone!:)

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