Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out and About

As you may have noticed, I love taking pictures of things that make me smile (or even laugh). And I am always delighted to share them with you. Click this.

So I have been around the city again. From our neighboring supermarket to divisoria and even to as far as Novaliches. Armed with my camera phone, a little giggle is just a click away. Though I would love to receive a Lumix this Christmas (O, di na hint yan ah! Lantaran na! Chuice!) But let's save the wishlist for another post :)

Let's start with Walter Mart Supermarket


Yes, I love my hotdogs in the morning (no pun intended) but thanks nalang sa freebie! At may name talagang "Ate"? Paka-creative!!! Plus the doll looks like a pok-pok who got arrested in some raid! Chez. Mas ma-appreciate ko pa kung eto ang free...

Again, no double meaning here! Tamang partner lang sa breakfast.
(Btw, I'm not interested in the "Ate" behind. Sa inyo nalang:P)


Ilabas mo hayop ka! (Harsh lang?)
Naninisi ka pa! Wag ka na mag-maang-maangan! Chuice!

Meanwhile on the way to divisoria

Ay sorry, pang aso lang po yan! Pakitago, thanks!

Ayan! Kaya marami nang kabataan ang natuto magyosi!

Pero sana Marlboro man lang or Phillip Morris! Baka maging karpintero sila paglaki. What is mapang-mata.

Finally somewhere in Novaliches

That's right! Super Child Academy!

Parang ang joke time but the school is huge so I'm guessing they boast of a relatively large student population! Well, enrollees will definitely surge with this interesting roster of alumni...

From its fresh graduate

To a jubilarian

Super Inday!

To its very first batch of graduates


Got some pics? Email them to and get featured! Thanks! (Thanks? Choz)


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