Thursday, November 25, 2010

Winning the Lotto

Last night I had a dream. And just like almost everyone's dream, I WON THE LOTTO! Of course with more than half a billion at stake, people will really dream, pray hard and pray harder that they bet on the correct set of digits!

Anyhoo, so according to my dream, ang una kong ginawa sa prize ay gumawa ng paypay made of Php 1000.00 bills!! HAHAHAHAHA Much more like this

make animated gif

Sadly, tig-bebente lang ang afford ko for this photo! Chuice!

But with 10-30% of an average Pinoy's brain all consumed with winning the lotto and what to do with the money after, it would be nasty to play this little prank

Now you see one's true colors. HAHA

Anyway, since today is Thanksgiving


(at hindi ito chuice lang)

I would like to express how grateful I am for all the support, comments and love! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your everyday lives (TV SHOW?!?!)-may it be before going to bed, while taking lunch in the office or when you are bored to death.

Nakaktouch malaman na meron akong napapaligaya (ANG DRAMA!). Really. It's difficult to make someone laugh. It's easier to just make someone cry... sampalin mo lang!

Dahil dyan, heto ang napapanahon kong regalo ko sa lahat!

TURKEY!-ish. Ruffa not included!

Love lots ,


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