Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot (?) Grannies on the Loose!

Monday nights are usually post nights. Sorry I wasn't able to do so because I had no internet connection. WALEY!

Our net provider at home is Sky Broadband. Yeah, its fast though not as promised. And when it rains, the signal gets cut off immediately only to return the following day. Nakakajirits. Maybe it's time to switch to Lola Techie!

Sup? Che.

I wonder, do lola techies really exist? My mom who is already a lola but definitely younger than her is already struggling to use a computer so I'm really not sure. HAHA

But I think cool lolas are nice to have, right? Well if you think Lola Techie is cool enough, wait till you see this! I previewed one of them in my previous post so here's the whole album taken from Trendhunter. Here's a sample:

Oh wait, di dapat cool. Dapat ba HOTT?

Trust me when I say ETO NA ANG PINAKA CONSERVATIVE NA PICTURE!! The grannies you are about to see are in their MOST DARING poses and outfits. As if they star in some Pinoy soft porn flicks.

Pasintabi po sa mga sensitive. Thanks!
Para sa isang kakaibang SHOWER. Jusko!! Parang ayokong mag-pop ang mga bula-bula dyan sa katawan mo Inang!!!
Yup! Thin, delicate sensitive skin. Medyo maluwang na nga lang.

Naked? Check! Bare? Baka BEAR!!! Chuice! Ang fierce oh! Dinaganan pa ni lola!

Yes, sa headband, undies and sheer robe. Pati bag di pinatawad at nilagayan ng balahibo. Do you hear her purr? MEOOOOW?

Akala mo wholesome pero pansinin ang mga nakaSILIP. SUSMARYOSEP!

Ok, there are 4 more but I decided to cut the post for tomorrow. To much of something is bad. Chiuce!

Baboo! :D

Photos courtesy of Trendhunter

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