Monday, November 8, 2010

If Objects Could Talk (1st of 2 parts)

When I was young and I trip over a chair, I put the blame on it. It was the chair's fault, not mine. So I slap (SAMPAL?!) the chair for hurting type of revenge. Shempre ang stupid non! Malay ba naman ng chair diba? Well, tamang brat lang.

So what if things are like humans too? They have thoughts, feelings and and can communicate with other things? With how we use and abuse various objects around us, I'm sure, puro na sila reklamo! Just like a butangerang asawa HAHAH

So lets "listen" to some of them.
Uy pang RH Bill! Chuice!

Oh yeah, di lang ang langaw ang nasasaktan

Kung nakaharap? Ooooh kinky!
Ang OA mo naman!

Isa ka pa! Arte! Finally,

Mga mommies! Check the label! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

There's more! Watch out for part 2!:)

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