Monday, November 15, 2010

Eating Out?

Do you eat to live or do you live to eat? I must admit I am not pihikan with food. I eat anything as long as I know they are "normal". I always come back to tried and tested comfort food. I rarely try new restos and when I do, I see to it that I order the safe ones. Boring lang.

Some people however can identify with the latter. That's why they are always on a gastronomic quest for the newest restaurant serving the most out-of-this-world dish. I believe they can stomach anything, no matter how inedible they may appear.

The presence of these adventurists makes opening hole-in-the-wall restos fun. And while I am not much into food, I believe I do have an interesting menu that would challenge their taste buds and their appetites.


Yes, dahil di lang isda ang iseserve ko!

For soup, I recommend

Eto si Grace oh! MALANDI! Chuice. Very specific eh! Cock talaga hindi basta-basta chicken.

Of course, soup is great with some dinner rolls. What could be a more appropriate partner than...

Swak na swak!

For the main course, I would like to present our specialty...

O diba? May glitter-glitteran pa!

And yeah, you may recall our source for this exquisite delicacy...

Thank you Lisa Frank! Choz.

While taking this, may I suggest our lemon flavored cola


Or add a more invigorating experience...


For dessert, we have imported pastries

Na tamang-tama sa...

Yuck green talaga?

And because our resto and beer garden is for the whole family, Meron ding KIDDIE MEALS!!!


Finally, the perfect way to close a meal. WINE. For those with exotic taste...

All organic. Untouched by human hands

And for our senior citizens...


Bon Appetit!

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