Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Halloween That Was

So Halloween is over and so are the trick or treats and the costume parties. Looking back, I've been to one of each: the village trick or treat and an afternoon Alice in Wonderland tea party at 12 Baskets Bakeshop (watch out for the post soon). In both events I chose to be KJ and not dress up. HAHA

My niece and nephew are such cuties in their ninja and pirate costumes!

Pila-pila lang! Nako magpipyesta ang dentists in a few weeks time! Chuice!

Oh well, Halloween is not just for kids since in the western countries, it is a big deal for adults as well. Especially among Hollywood celebrities. I spied in some of the biggest parties to check out their outfits and look what I found...

Hits muna!

Ay winner si Kate Beckinsale! I especially love the hair and the make-up. Very glamorous!

Oh! It looks like Holly Madison has been following my blog post about Disney and she came as a sexy, yet not slutty Sleeping Beauty!

Speaking of slutty Audrina Patridge came as a can-can dancer, I think. Well maganda sana pero dahil nagnilandi lang siya at walang clear theme, WALEY. Kung magpapaka-slut ka lang naman, why not do it fabulously...

Hello Paris Hilton! Ang FIERCE Brosnan!!!

Eh sabi ng boys?

HOMAYGAD Lorenzo Martone! Alam mo bang makasalanan yan?!
(At maraming magkakasala dahil sayo! Pati ako... hee hee hee)

Shempre, mawawala ba ang mga WALEY?

Ano to??? Snooki as Pickle Princess. Nakakagigil ang attempt to be cute!!! Sarap mo gawing pickle eh! Choz

Mr. Schuester channeled Richard Simmons. But wait, I think he looked more like

Or yung aso? HAHA

Meanwhile, I dunno what happened to Janet Jackson for coming to a party looking like this...

Wait lang, may kamukha ka teh...


And because Sembreak is over and students will be going back to school, let's welcome second semester with some simple arithmetic

I wanna see Tori Spelling's peacock!!! HEH

JUSKO! Inter-species ang drama ni Ashanti! Eww ah

Akalain mong mainspire si Heidi Klum sa isang likhang Pinoy?

Of course, with Heidi comes her very handsome husband


Well November is such a boring month after Halloween. Except perhaps for our annual college block birthday celebration for the "November babies". Fast-track to December please!!!

Post idea from Magel. Personal pics courtesy of Paolo Villaba

Excuse me while I do another shameless plugging

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